Chapter 33

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"So...that's the day you robbed your first bank." The detective said with his arms crossed behind his desk. "Was it one of the biggest days of your life, or your worst." He continued.

"Well it definitely changed my life, but to say if it changed it for the better or worse is something I'm just now having to think about." I said.

"Tell me something Junior...why didn't you just escape, you seem to complain about how much you hated the gangs and criminal acts you did, but not once have you ever mentioned about trying to leave." he said.

"Its not that I never tried to escape, it's...I never found the reason too." I responded.

"Elaborate." he said.

"Well, call me crazy but even if I complain as I do, I never escaped the life of crime because it felt, natural. Sure its bad and I've came closer to death more times then drugs ever brought me yet, there's just a certain feeling you get when doing it." I explained.

"Thats probably one of the most insane things I've herd from you yet Junior." the detective said. 

"Well what do you mean?" I asked.

"Well lets see...I know a sane men don't have a life such as yours, but even sane men who do never admit to be insane, always a excuse." he said.

"So that makes me insane? Im not following on what your trying to say." I said.

"Well its definitely not normal for a man to have every opportunity to escape a life he seems to constantly complain about, yet doesn't for, what did you say, it felt good?" he said. 

"I didn't say it felt good, I said it felt normal." I said.

"Whats normal about stealing, killing, dealing, the list goes on!" the detective said. 

"Tell me what makes you want to be a cop? What keeps you going?" I asked, leaning forward in my chair but my handcuffs jerked me back. 

"The feeling that the things that I do are keeping my family and others from psychos like you." he said. It made me think on how if KIllur were here he would of just thanked him for the compliment. I looked around at the reporters and recorders around me, on how they all look to just want to jump at me with questions, others wanting to just leave. It made me think on why the hell I'm still sitting in this goddamn chair telling a cop everything I know. I looked up at the detective. 

"So shall I continue?" I asked.

"You shall not." He said. 

"What, why?" I asked. He looked at his wrist watch. 

"Lunch." he said quickly as he stood up and walked out of the room. The other people packed up and did the same leaving me alone in the room. I looked around waiting for an officer to come get me. It was quiet, what was taking people so long. I stood up and attempted to look out the small window on the door to see if I could see anyone but I couldn't see anyone. 

"Hello!" I yelled. There was no answer. I then attempted to move but I was still cuffed to the table and wasn't able to move. "Hey! Yo! What the hell?" I yelled. Finally an officer came through the door and approached me. "Alright take me away." I said. He stood there staring at me. He didn't say anything and walked over and closed the door behind him. He then locked us inside. "What the hell are you doing, aren't you supposed to take me to lunch?" I said getting nervous. He then took out his baton and held it firmly in his hand. I nervously tried to back up but the cuffs kept me from going very far. He then slowly approached me. "Yo what the fuck?" I said quickly. He then lifted his arm to hit me and I went to scream for help. "Somebody! Help meh..." I was able to get out before the baton came down and hit me on the head. I fell to the ground, yet the cuffs kept my hands up on the table. 

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