Chapter 14

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Waking up, I almost forgot I stayed at Brian's, so I was quit confused. Looking around, I saw Brian getting a jacket on and was about to leave. I got up and grabbed mine. I followed him out yet he acted as if I wasn't there. He got in the passenger seat of my car, confused, I got in my car and didn't start the engine. I looked at him, he sat there in a blank gaze still acting as if I wasn't even there. I put my hand up on his shoulder. He didn't even react but he took his hand and threw mine off him. I was almost offended. I then started the car and pulled off. I didn't know where I was going but I just drove around the blocks a couple times. After passing his house for the third time he bumped me on the shoulder and pointed to go left. So I went left and we were heading toward David's house. Knowing this I drove to it but didn't drive into the parking lot but stopped before it. I pulled over and put my car in park.

"Whats going on Brian?' I asked turning over to him. In surprise he ignored me and got out of my car. I quickly pulled up infant on him and rolled down my window. "Brian!" I shouted. Some resident owners looked at us. He paused and then walked around my car and up to Davids house. I didn't attempt to stop him this time. He knocked on the door and Mr. Fransto opened it. In my surprise he let him in and closed the door behind him. I whipped my face and processed what just happened. After sitting in the parking lot for a minute I pulled off. I pulled up at Nikki's house since it was still early and I know she hasn't left for work yet. I walked up and knocked on the door. Her friend opened the door and right off the back attempted to close it. Her friend still doesn't like me even if I am dating Nikki. 

I was able to stop the door before it closed and I let myself in. Ive had to do this multiple times when she answers the door and not Nikki. Nikki was still in her room so I knocked before entering and when I didn't she was in the process of finishing up getting dressed. She looked at me with a smile. The first thing I noticed was the small but noticeable red slash on her cheek from where she was hit. She sat on her bed and I walked over and sat next to her. She wrapped me up. We talked for a little bit, just about random things. She was the most beautiful girl in the world to me, and for only dating her for less then a week now, I would do anything for her. Its uncertain if she thinks the same of me but even if she doesn't, I would still love her. She checked her phone for the time and jumped up. She was late for the club but luckily she only lives about a couple blocks away. We both hopped in my car and I took her there but instead of following her in the club like I usually do, I kissed her bye and and drove off.

I wasn't in the mood for the club, the gang, my house. I just wanted to drive. I don't know where and I don't know why, but I just drove. I drove through the city of los Santos. I saw beautiful buildings and awesome monuments and statues. eventually I was in the hills. The huge houses and quiet roads were so peaceful. The slow jazz song on the radio went perfect with my joy ride. It felt like a scene out a movie but I didn't care, I was just driving. I eventually was on the high way. I was looking around on the mountains, Ive never been up this far before. I some how got on route sixty five and before I knew it I was in a small town called shady shores. The scenery was so different. It was hot and many people dressed and acted differently then those in the city.  I lost track of time, it was about five in the evening. I decided to turn around but couldn't find a safe place to. I then decided to just do an illegal u turn. 

It was a stupid mistake because when I did, I crashed my car right into a sheriff car. It wasn't a big reck but it it caused me to come to a complete stop. He looked up at me and we were making eye contact. Then he lit me up, his sirens were loud and I panicked. I put my car in reverse and sped out of there. Not knowing where I was I just drove off. He was right on my ass too, his car was way faster then mine. I then took a sharp turn going down a road that consisted of a trailer park. The cop as fast as he was followed close behind me. I then got side swiped by another car as I sped in traffic. I was able to dodge a much worse accident then it already was by swerving. The only problem by swerving is that I spun out causing my car to crash into a railing. My car broke through the railing and into the desert sand. My car got buried in sand to the point were it refused to go forward. I grabbed my gun out the glove box and proceeded on foot.

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