Chapter 9

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I woke up the next afternoon with a killer headache. Sitting up from the couch I stood up and found the nasty stain on my jacket from where I'd laid on the couch. I took a shower and got changed. Before getting a shirt on I looked at the wound I had on my arm from the bullet. It wasn't that bad but I might want to wear a long sleeve today. I made me a bowl of cereal and watched tv. I smoked a joint and relaxed for a while. Looking around the small room I started to get tired of seeing the dirty room. I looked around the cabinets until I finally found a trash bag and started going around the apartment picking up every wrapper, every box, or piece of trash I could find. After I was done I put the bag of trash next to the door and sat back down.

The apartment looked ten times better then it did. I sat for about thirty seconds before getting back up and started cleaning the whole apartment. I vacuumed the carpets, mopped the floor, even started to put air fresheners I found up while opening the window trying to air out the rooms, just so it smelled better. Finishing up the living room while dusting behind the tv I found something. It was the M9 I got from the other night after killing the bouncer. I took it and searched around for the magazine to it. I found it under the tv stand and I checked how many billets were in it. I counted twelve but I could of been off. I loaded the mag in the gun and placed it on the counter. I looked around the room and barley recognized the apartment I was in.

No more trash all over the floor, no messy furniture. The rooms were clean, the only thing now was to get rid of this nasty furniture. I then went to go step out but got distracted by the gun again. It made me think of the night I used it to kill the bouncer. I wanted to take that day back. I thought on how this past month of my life I had just killed. The gang bangers from liberty city, the bouncer, the guy from the barber shop, I didn't want this. I turned again to walk out the door but was hesitant to walk out. I finally quickly turned around and grabbed the gun off the counters shoved it in my pockets and left. I decided to go for a walk down town to check out the city so I took a cab and arrived in the city. The buildings were huge, but there were a lot packed together then liberty city. I walked down the busy road and saw people with nice clothes walking, shops that sold stuff I didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to buy but sure enough their making great business. I walked down the road to the point when I came upon a crash scene that blocked the whole road.

There wasn't a way to get around it so I turned around and walked back the way I came. Luckily there was an alley that led to the other street across so I decided why not, and went through it. I clenched the pistol handle of the gun in my pocket tight entering it. I was expecting something bad, since every thing else has been bad so far. Half way through my nerves had never been so jumpy. I was starting to get weird, seeing as if the alley was three miles long but in reality it wasn't. I stepped out the alley with relief, I stood on the middle of the sidewalk, people rudely shoved me out the way I kept down the road looking through fancy store windows and shops. It was about twelve in the afternoon now and I'd bout walked the city all day so I decided to go for a taxi to take me home. I waved my arms for a taxi but before fully raising my hand a black van pulled up in front of me, screeching its tires.

The doors swung open and men with masks littered out and grabbed me. All the people around and not anyone was doing anything to help. Not completely understanding the situation I fought back. These guys wore blue shirts and jackets and black masks. Struggling to restrain me they got violent and started getting hostile. I hit one guy charging at me, knocking him on the ground. Another swings at me and hits me in the gut. I bent over but quickly recovered and pushed the guy who hit me, now going to grab me away. He fell too and now the third guy pushed me against the van. Off balanced I dunked down, dodging a attack by the third guy. He hit the van hurting his hand. By now they all were recovered and so was I. They went for me again and I wasn't having it anymore. I pulled my gun out on them. They all stopped dead in their tracks.

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