Chapter 29

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I woke up the next morning to another knocking on my door. I slowly made my way out of my bed and headed to my door to see who it was. At first I thought it was Nikki again, but when I opened the door, Juana stood there instead. I didn't open my door for her, I just kept it cracked enough for us to see each other. I didn't have my shirt on, exposing the bandages on my stomach. "Can I come in?" she asked politely. I went to close the door but she stopped it with her hand. "Please Junior, I don't know what you think I did but I didn't!" she explained fighting the door from trying to close. I then opened the door and she practically fell in my apartment. I caught her with my hand and pushed her back, letting her fall. She fell in the hallway and I closed the door on her. I stayed next to the door, with a bit of regret but I didn't trust her, I don't care what she has to say. "Please, Junior." she said. I was trying to stay strong and not let her in but, her soft voice just got to me and I opened my door. 

She came in and placed her bag on my kitchen counter. "Thank you Junior, listen..." she began but I ignored her and left the room. I went in my bedroom, and got a shirt on. After I went to my bathroom and took my time, while I cleaned up. I came out of the bathroom and Juana was waiting there impatiently. "Listen dick, I don't have time for your ignorance, comprende?" she said.

"Okay, what do you want?" I said walking over and sitting on my couch. She joined me and began.

"Okay, Brian is...acting strange lately." She began.

"Like how?" I asked.

"Well he's been, more aggressive." She said but paused. 

" in what way?" I said.

"Well he's been, yelling at me, even at times putting his hands on me..." She hesitated to explain. I leaned up in my seat, quite interested in the topic now, but still acting rude to her. 

"So, why should I help you?" I said but in the inside I wanted to help.

"I don't know what you think I did but I can promise you I haven't done it." She said.

"Dont play that know very well what you did." I said placing my hand over my bandages.

"I didn't have any thing to do with that!" she said.

'Bullshit!" I said back.

"I didn't wish for you to get hurt." she said. "It was an empty threat." she continued. "I never meant it to come true." she continued more with tears now coming to her eyes. "I know what I said that morning, but I never meant any of it, I was mad, and I just said things to make you mad,  yet when I herd the gun shots and saw you hurt I didn't know what to do." she finished almost full tears now. "I love Brian, and I love you and I didn't know what to do, after I herd my hermano was killed, I jumped to blame people, even if it was his own damn fault." she said, tears falling down her soft cheeks now. I went to hug her but she jumped in my arms before I could wrap mine around her. It made me think of her brother. David would probably still be alive if I'd of just shot the asshole who was shooting at us. 

"So what would you like me to do with Brian?" I said sincerely. 

"I dont know, I want him to stop but I don't want him to get hurt either." she said. We both got up and I got my jacket on and we walked to the parking lot. 

"Wheres your car?" I said looking for Juana's car which wasn't there. 

"I walked." she said getting in the passenger seat of my car. I ran around and hopped in my car and drove to Brian's.  Upon pulling up I could already see Brian waiting on the porch. It started to rain for which it was only sprinkling when we left my house. I hopped out of my car and Juana stayed put in my passenger seat. Brian aggressively stood on the steps. I met up with him on the porch to get out of the rain. 

"Whats going on?" I said to him. He payed no attention to me though. He kept looking at Juana aggressively. I then placed my hand on his shoulder to get his attention which worked, and he looked up at me. 

"What's, going, on?" I said slower and more clearer then last time. 

"She's cheating on me, with some Mexican pricks over where she lives!" he said aggressively looking back at Juana who was patiently waiting in my car. I know exactly who he was talking about too. But there all dead, and apparently Brian doesn't know that yet.

"Trust me, she's not." I said back to Brian. 

"What the fuck man? How would you know?" He said shoving me. When he did shove me he pushed me where my wound was and it really hurt. I held where it hurt and attempted to let this slide so I didn't get in a fight with him. I stepped back from Brian who was now yelling at me. "If you know something then you better tell me whats up!" he said aggressively stepping closer to me. I know for sure he doesn't have a gun on him for which I have his gun, so I don't have to worry about him drawing his gun.  "Mother fucker I bet she's been fucking everyone around here, hasn't she!" he said. 

"Listen Brian, I'm going to ask you to calm down, and we can talk about this over a beer inside!" I said trying to avoid a fight at all cost. Even if I wanted to I couldn't fight with my stitches. 

"Fuck you man! you probably fucked her too!" he yelled at me. I had backed up to the point where I couldn't no more on the porch. I was lost for words as I stared at Brian who came to a realization that it was true. Which it was, I had sex with Juana once but I've regretted it. He angrily looked around for what to do. 

"Listen, think before you do anything next Brian." I said calmly.

"Fuck you..." he said.

"Listen Brian, you need to calm down, sure I had sex with Juana but I can promise you that she's not cheating on..." I began but was interrupted by Brian charging at me. He then tackled me and we both tumbled back and over the railing of the porch. I landed on my back and felt the pain instantly in my stomach as Brian landed on top of me. He then pinned me down and began to punch me. I was trying to deflect every punch I could but the rain made it difficult to see. Brian then stopped punching me and looked over to see his Smith and Wesson that must of fell out during the fight. He got off me and retrieved his gun. I was able to make it to my feet again but it was difficult because of the pain. I looked up after the pain dialed down to see Brian holding the gun at me. "Come on Brian, don't do this over that bitch." I said angrily wishing I could just fight him. I mean I could but the pain would be as if I was getting shot with every step. 

"Fuck you!" He yelled and began to shoot. I was able to duck down and dodge the first bullet. I then limped away to cover. I used his neighbors, who must of been at work, house for cover. Brian began to let out another three leaving him with one bullets in the gun. I could hear his steps getting closer and when I herd them close to me, I then jumped out from behind the corner and tackled him to the ground. He shot another bullet while we fell that luckily missed. By now Juana was already to us trying to break us up. I was able to strip the gun from Brian's hand and threw it away from us. The pain I was experiencing at that moment was unbearable but I had to fight thew it for now. I was able to land one last punch to Brian's head which knocked him out. I then fell back to catch my breath and let the pain die down. 

"Junior." Juana said while staring at my stomach. I looked down to see my stomach covered in blood, filling my white t-shrt with blood. I then looked up at Juana.

"Damn..." I was able to get out before passing out.

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