Chapter 3

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June 5th? 1996? I thought to myself trying to think what happened on that day and why it was so special. I then remembered, it was the day I moved to San Andreas twenty one years ago. I looked up at everyone in the room as they stared at me waiting for me to begin. I thought hard to remember what happened on that day but then I suddenly remembered everything about that day like it was yesterday. I began to talk, making sure they were ready so they gave me a nod telling me it was okay to start. I lived in liberty city, its where I was born and raised, and it wasn't the safest city to grow up in either. I lived with my mother and father most my life there. My mom had no job but my dad was a lawyer so he was gone most the day at trials. My dad got paid a lot and plus he was a pretty good lawyer, he  rarely lost trials. There were very many crimes going around the city at the time I was ten and many criminals were getting arrested so my dad was pretty busy. I remember he'd used to come home and go right to bed without eating dinner some nights, that's how hard he worked.

I was homeschooled most my life because all the gang violence and crime that was taking place around my school. My mom was always afraid I'd become a gang member or criminal so she took me out of the school and homeschooled me. I didn't care really, I didn't have much friends and the ones I had were always getting in trouble. She taught me the basic math and reading and the regular stuff but she always added a subject just to teach me how to stay out of trouble. It wasn't very fun or useful but I did it for my mom. Being that my dad was making good money at the time, we were hoping he'd save it up to buy us a new house in a better neighborhood because the one we lived in was pretty trashy. Of course we were very happy that not many thing happen around here so there were no criminals running around. The street I lived in mostly had crack heads and dope dealers so that was the downfall. The other thing is that there were no houses there were only small rundown apartment buildings. We lived in one but it was one of the less crappy ones.

My dad refused to buy a knew house because he felt like it was a waste of money and we should save up for a car. My mom hated that, we had two perfectly running cars and he always wanted a new one. After almost a month of discussing the topic they finally came to a conclusion to save it up for me to go to college. I was young and didn't even know what I wanted to do in the future but at least they were saving it up for me when I decided. Thing were starting to go bad, my dad was starting to have a lot of trials to attend to and it was starting to stress him out. He used to turn to my mom when this happens but lately he's been turning to alcohol. He sometimes came home and passed out drunk on the couch. My mom hated this so she would not talk to him for, well for about an hour my mom wasn't good at the silence treatment. 

One day when I was eleven my dad didn't come home at normal time and my mother was pissed. He came home around twelve at night and pulled into the drive way with a brand new expensive sports car. Of course I didn't understand that he wasn't supposed to have it but I loved that car. What made mom mad is that my dad used my college money on it. My parents relationship started to fall apart and my mom begged him to stop acting different but my dad denied ever changing. About a month of them fighting came to end when my dad lost a trial one night. He was supposed to find a rich kid not guilty after he had been caught with drugs. My dad didn't succeed on winning and the rich kid was found guilty. Later that night a couple gang members pulled up on my dad and killed him. My mom was mad that night not knowing he was killed, she just thought he wasn't coming home like he was off getting drunk.

When my mom found out she was so depressed and so was I. He might of been starting to become a jerk but he was still my dad and we loved him.  We started to loose money since nobody was making it so my mom had to get a job after being five years without one. My mother had to take me with her to her interviews because she didn't trust me to stay home alone even tho I was eleven. It was more like she didn't feel like I was safe alone more then she didn't trust me. After about a year of my mother going from one job to another when we starting to make money to pay off the house again. I was twelve and I still was homeschooled. I didn't have many friends and the ones that were really nice to me moved away. I'd play with the neighborhood kids a lot but they always wanted to venture farther then my block and my mother wouldn't let me. I spent most of my time reading books about business owning.

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