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You woke up and it is already six in the evening. You fix yourself and went to grab something to energize your body.

Right now you are at the corner of a coffee shop, drinking your coffee that you always want hand crafted. Over thinking of things that you shouldn't be thinking about.

You can't even remember how you went home last night. The last thing you remember is you walk away from Kendall when you are at the hill. You just found yourself laying on your bed, maybe because of alcohol that's why you can't remember anything about it.

"Hi, is this seat taken?" You woke up from your thoughts and look who's talking.

You saw a brunette girl, with eyes that's close to your heart, but you can't remember where you saw her.

You look around and realize there's no vacant seat anymore.

"Sure." You said and fix your things so the girl could have some space for herself.

"Y/N." The girl talks once she's already sitting down.

You look at her and she seems going to cry.

"Are you okay?" You asked concern.

"It's me..."

"It's me...Taylor Hill. So the rumours are true. You can't remember anything. You can't remember me." She said and a single tear drops from her eyes, she wipe it away and cover it with a smile.

"Taylor Hill?" You asked confused.

"Yes. I'm Taylor Hill. I know you really can't remember me, but we are really good friends."

"Sorry if I can't remember you..."

"It's okay. I understand. Please believe me when I say we are really good friends. Take a look at this photos."

She said and handed you her phone. You took it and examine the pictures that's being shown.
It's an article, you were somewhere in Paris.

"Wow. We're like more than friends huh." You said surprised one you saw a picture of you and her kissing, on the lips.

"Are we really just friends? Because I felt something when I look in your eyes. And this picture doesn't show friendship...at all."

She chuckled on your question and decided to explain everything to you. She told you that you used to work with her before, with a PR stunt and all that kind of stuffs.

You don't know what's with her but you are literally just looking at her as she open her mouth, it felt like all your surroundings are moving in slow motion, and the time stops but she is still moving. You blink your eyes but the scene never change.

"...it's crazy right?"

"S-sure. I mean of course. Just don't mind me. I'm just so caught up with everything and—."

"Why are you panicking?" She giggled.

You literally didn't listen to her, the only words you heard are the last three words that she said.

You continued talking to her for another hour. You are shock that you didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable, not even a little bit.

"So you are a model too?"

"Yea. Can't believe it aye?"

"No no. Of course I do. With the body like yours, you are probably a model." She giggled and you just watched her as she blushed. You smiled just looking at her, she's too cute you thought.

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