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"Damn Gi, don't you look good? Zayn is going to regret breaking up with you."

"No we didn't broke up. We just call it a quits and stay as good friends. Work just get in the way and we literally barely see each other so I think we made the right descision." She explained and you just nodded along with your other gal pals.

Gigi is throwing a party because she just wanted to. No certain reason why.

There's just less than thirty people came and mostly are all your close friends in modellig and music industry.

It is more like catching up than partying. There's no loud music playing in the background, and no drunk people throwing up. All you do is chill and relax.

"No they didn't!" Hailey suddenly gasped as she captured your attention.

You look where she's staring at which is at the front door, and Y/N together with Taylor Hill holding hands like they are couple just enetred the room.

The past few days, they took the social media by surprise. 'Y/N and Taylor back together." Is the headline almost everywhere.

In the back of your mind you hope that it's not true, but not you are fooling yourself. Maybe they are really a thing now and you can't do anything about it.

Eventhough you didn't admit it, you know deep in yourself that you still have feelings for Y/N. A very strong feelings for him.

"Baby, you are zoning out. I'm talking here and you seems not interested." You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard your boyfriend talking. You almost forgot that you are with your boyfriend. You are so occupied by Y/N's presence.

You shook your head and blink your eyes.

"I'm sorry. I'm just tired from work and travelling." You lied, because the real true reason is that you were thinking about Y/N.

"Anyways, I'm just asking if maybe you wanted to continue this at my place." He said and you just looked at him. "This party is kinda boring." He added whispering.

You rolled your eyes before sipping your drink bottoms up.

"Taylor....Y/N. Hey you made it. Come on join us." You heard Gigi shouted and soon they both joined you. Y/N sat right across you and Taylor is right beside her.

"What's up guys." He said and you swear that you missed his voice that always sounds like music to your ear. "Where's the party?" He asked amused. Maybe Gi invited him to this party and expecting a loud party music playing and people grinding to each other.

"This is the party. Maybe you are not used to this kind of thing but there's no music this time. It's more like catching up." Gigi explained and Y/N nodded understandingly.

"What are you up to these days Y/N? You know after the accident— maybe we should not talk about-." Gigi inquired but cut herself off after realising what she's asking about. She's asking Y/N about the things that maybe he don't want to talk about.

"Oh no. It's alright. Still having a bit of a headache once in a while but all in all, I'm feeling great. Nothing much doing. Just sitting around my house all the time. What about you guys? How's the life of the supermodels?"

You saw him glanced at you and you don't know if you are making things up because you literally just stare at him the whole time and it feels like your world is revolving around him.

"Babe!" You woke up on your deep thoughts when suddenly Blake came in wrapping his arms around you tat made you feel uncomfortable.

"B-babe." You said stuttering while you're trying to get off of his grip becuase he's trying to get his lips touch yours in front of your friends and especially in front of the love of your life Y/N who's staring at you like you are a fucking view.

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