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Kendall's POV

Julian won't stop bugging me. It's been a week and he really can't stop calling or sending me text messages, telling how sorry he is. I always put him on read like he's a fucking book. Then one morning I get so annoyed by him I blocked his number and I even decided to change my number.

It's Monday today and at the moment, me and my squad and Y/N's are at the cafeteria having our lunch breaks.

I was forking my salad when I felt like I was burning unto someone's eyes.

I look up at Y/N who's sitting in front of me and he is literally staring at me for like minutes now.

"Have I not told you that staring constantly is annoying and also rude?" I asked when I started to get annoyed by his presence.

Y/N has been different lately, he's not that annoying anymore but still most of the time, he still is.

"I'm not staring, I'm gazing. There's a different." He said still looking at me.

"Aye, lovers tiff." Me and Y/N both look at the side as Hailey started teasing us. I rolled my eyes on her as everyone in the table make a woah sound making other students look at us.

"Easy on grabbing their attentions." Y/N said as he smirks at me.

"Then why are you staring?" I asked more annoyed this time.

"Nothing. You're just cute and I love like gazing at you." He said straight like he's trying to make me blush. I almost did but I immediately hid it.

I look at him, I realized how good looking he is to think he almost pass like Ryan Gosling with his rugged look and musculine body. Barbara is one lucky bitch. I thought to myself as I started checking him out.

"Staring is rude but why do I feel like you wanna burn me with those eyes?"

"Fuck." I mumble my curse as I didn't realize I was looking at him that long. What am I thinking about? I should be thinking about Julian right now.

"I'm used to that, don't worry. Everyone wants to fuck me everytime I walk pass in front of them."

I hardly close my eyes as I didn't know he heard my cursed.

"Just shut up!" I said as I started eating my salad.

I look around and saw my friends watching me & Y/N argue. They're giving me weird look but knowing looks and constant smirking.

After few hours of boring classes, it's finally time to go home. I was approaching the parking lot to wait for my driver to pick me up. Then someone blocked my way.

"Kendall, please let's talk."

"Julian, we have nothing to talk about." I bumped into him as I walk away.

"Kenny, please." He begs.

"Kenny, baby!" Someone shouted that made me and Julian look around. I saw Y/N running towards us. I look at him confused.

"Have I not told you to wait for me? Here, you left your phone at the laboratory, my love." He said giving me my phone.

"T-thanks b-babe." I answered him a bit stuttering. Maybe he's doing it, the pretending thing.

He just smiled at me then look at Julian.

"Have I not told you to stay away from my girlfriend?" Y/N sternly said acting like he's really my boyfriend. "Well, I can't blame you bro. I know it hurts, I mean just look at how gorgeus and perfect my girlfriend is, I'M PROBABLY GONNA GO CRAZY TOO IF SHE EVER LEAVE ME! but you must move on bro." God, Y/N almost shouted to the whole school that I left Julian. I'm sure students around us heard everything that Y/N said.

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