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I don't know what time I drifted off to sleep last night but all I can remember is I couldn't sleep overthinking how did I get into the friend zone. At least, she still wants to be friends with me.

I'm in the friendzone because I am not the one for her. She deserves better.

She deserve to be wanted, to be loved, to be adored, and to be chased. I can do that all, but she wanted me as a friend. Only friends.

I was walking downstairs as there's a lot of knocking at my door.

I open it to be surprised by someone I never thought I'll see again.

"Omg! When did you arrived?" I asked as I hug him so tight. He is my childhood bestfriend.

"Last Friday! Can I come in?" He asked and the smiles on our faces doesn't seem to fade.

"You fucking Harry Styles, where are you staying here in LA? You can stay here you know."

"And that's why I'm here and my luggages are in the car. Help me out." He said.

Harry is my bestfriend. We used to be neighbors before but when his mom and dad get into divorce they decided to go back to England. And his dad stayed here in LA.

We're like a dynamic duo. We have same taste in everything. That's why we're bestfriends.

I helped him get all his stuff and put all of it in the guest room where he'll be staying.

"You fucking surprised me, really." I said as I pulled him in a hug again. I love hugging them bros.

"I have to. And beside's I'll be staying here not that long." He said.

"You can stay longer."

"So, how's school?" He asked.

"School was cool." I said nonchalantly.

Harry's father owns the school that I'm attending. Harry can't stay at his dad's because he already got a new family living there.

Harry can go whenever he wants in any part of the school.

"You better come to me to school tomorrow. I'll introduce you to some of my friends." I said.

Harry and I walk together. I went to school a bit late so that I can tour him around. The last part is the Laboratory.

"There's the chem lab." I pointed. He looks through the small glass of the wooden door.

He's just staring at something that I don't know. It seems like he's not listening to me. I look to where he is looking but I can't seem to point out what exactly is he staring at.

"Dude." I said as he snap back as he got a cheeky smile on his face.

"Who's that girl?" He said pointing. I look at it and saw that he's pointing at Kendall.

"That's Kendall Jenner." I said.

"Damn. She looks so beautiful. Is she single." He asked without breaking the eye contact with the girl who's busy doing some paper work.

"I don't know and I'm so late. Can we just meet later at the cafeteria." I said.

"Sure." He said before he scoot out. I enter the lab and greeted my teacher and apologize for being late.

I went to where Kendall is as she's already struggling with the activity.

"Finally, Y/N. Why are you so late. Can you help me solve this?" She said and handed me a worksheet about balancing the chemical equation.

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