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You are all settled down on the front row and your girlfriend doesn't have a single clue about you watching her walk the runway.

You're in between Kylie and Kim. The two sisters were both busy doing the snapchat thingy and you're just there sitting and waiting for your Kendall to walk.

The lights finally dim off and some sort of music started playing as the models started walking the runway one by one.

Kris, Kylie, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe are all here raising their phones while waiting for Kendall.

Then you finally saw her, she's wearing this beach kind of strappy top and a sarong-style skirt. You can't do anything just to admire your beautiful girlfriend.

 You can't do anything just to admire your beautiful girlfriend

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"I'm the luckiest." You thought to yourself as Kendall pass by in front of you but later you realize that you said it out loud. The KardashianJenner looked at you with knowing look as you can feel your face heat up and probably blushing hard.

Eventhough she didn't took a look at you, you knew that she saw you as she blush when she pass by.

"Kenny is so gorgeous." Kylie said.

"Yea. Y/N here is the luckiest." Kim.

"Don't fuck this up bro. If you hurt her, I'll kill you." Khloe this time warned you.

The show finally went to an end and everyone is finding their way back to the exit. While you're just there waiting for everyone to get out of the place so you can sneak in at the backstage.

The KardashianJenner already got their own thing to run. Kylie is going to meet her rapper boyfriend, Kris with her girl pals, Kim going to Kanye's, Khloe and Kourtney going to a friend.

There you saw your girlfriend already changed into some clothes and damn she does looks good.

You look around just to see no one's looking so you went hugging her from her back.

"My love." You whispered that made her turn around and hug you real tight.

"You're here, and with my family. I saw you at the front row while I'm walking. Oh my gosh!" You can say that Kendall is more than happy to see you.

Kendall snaked her hands on your nape and started kissing you deeply. You kiss her back as your hand automatically get its way to her bare waist gripping it a bit.

"Let's go."

"Where to?"

"To Kanye's apartment. I really need a power nap right now."

You went out lowkey. You are both wearing cap and sunglasses and a hoody as you don't want anyone to notice the two of you.

You arrived at Kanye's and Kim is also there. They are like about to leave when you arrived.

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