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"I missed you so much." Kendall started showering your face with kisses as she wokes you up from your slumber.

You grab her face and kissed her lips deeply before pulling her so now you're on top of her.

"No more pr stunts!" Kendall declared that made you smile widely.

You started kissing her and you even get on top of her going down on her neck on her soft spot as she whimperd for pleasure.

"Babe...as long as I wanted to stay cuddle with you, mom invited us for lunch." She said her breath hitched.

"Please. This'll be a quick one." You begged.

"We can't. Mom is expecting us to be there right now." She pulled you up and push you off of her.

You sighed in defeat. It's always like this when you're trying to get hot in her, sometimes it makes you think that maybe she don't wanna do it yet and you're okay with that. But you still can't control yourself. You really wanna do it with her as you don't know yet how it feels doing it with her.

"I'll be down stairs gonna pick up all the trash while you're getting ready." She peck your lips before she stood up and walk towards the door and slamming it close. You jump off the bed and went to take shower.

When you went downstairs, everything is already cleaned up. You're lucky to have Kendall in your life. You don't know what'll you do without her. She's a gift sent from heaven.

"Hey Kris." You greeted her mom who's busy on her phone when you arrived. She just pulled you into a hug and smiled at you and continue talking to her phone.

You also see the Kardashian sister with their children and there's Penelope, Kourtney's daughter running towards you. You went down to get in her level and she jump on you.

You carried her and went to the backyard. There you saw your beautiful gorgeous girlfriend carrying Reign while she's busy on her phone.

You put Penelope down and went to hug Kendall from her back.

"Who's that?" You asked as you rested on her other shoulder while she keeps on tapping on her phone.

"It's Gigi. It's her birthday tomorrow and inviting us to the party later." She explained before putting her phone back to her pocket.

"Alright." You said before getting away from her as Penelope pulled you back inside the house and showed you some of her toys.

Everybody is in the dining table and the lunch is already served, you're in between Kendall and Khloe.

"Hmmm. Foods are delicious. Momma Kris did you cook all of this?" You complemented as you dig in to the steaks.

"Are you trying to sweet talk me Y/N?" She said raising an eyebrow at you. Everyone chuckled.

"Not yet. But probably when I ask Kendall to marry me, I will."

Everyone bursted out a chuckle while Kendall is squeezing your thigh under the table as you flinched at the contact. She's so red.

Right now you're on your way to where Gigi's party will be held. You're with your gang, you can't get alone with Kendall because you don't want to get suspected dating.

You wanted to hold her hand and hug her and kiss her publicly but you can't. Her momager won't let that to happen. You seems to understand so you gotta play by her rules. You rather stay like that than not to be with Kendall.

You arrived at the venue and it's packed with people already. And most of them were in the same industry as them and some in the music industry.

"Hey." Someone called you that made you look at your back and you saw her.

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