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"They what?" You bursted out in what Kendall just told you.

You're against it but you also know that this is how hollywood works. Your girlfriend just told you that she's going on a pr stunt, it means she's booked to date someone, and you don't know who that someone is.

"Love, please don't get ma-."

"I'm not mad at you, okay? I'm just mad at the idea of you going out with some other guy. Is there going to be kissing, because that'll seriously gon-."

"Calm down, alright? There's no kissing, I'm not gonna let any lips touches mine except yours. But there'll be touching, and holding hands."

"What if you fall for whoever that guy is? So you'll gonna left me all alone?"

"Do you even trust me?"

When she asked that, you suddenly stopped. You asked yourself the same question and you thought that for your relationship to last, you need to build it with trust.

You trust Kendall, and you knew she will not do anything stupid that will ruin your relationship.

"I trust you. Just be honest with me alright?"

She nodded in response before hugging you. You haven't see her in days as she went to NY for some photoshoot there. She just came back now and you've been greeted by the news.

"I love you."

"Y/N? Are you and Kendall dating?" A paparazzi asked you as you're walking through the streets of LA on a hurry for something.

"Kendall is just a good friend of mine." You answered the question but you wanted to take it back immediately and just tell them that Kendall is your girlfriend, but you can't.

You already been briefing by Kris Jenner, you know already how to answer every questions that might asked from you about the model.

Months goes by so quickly. You've been secretly dating Kendall Jenner for four months now and these past few months were the hardest for you.

Seeing her with that rapper make you cringe everytime.

There's a lot of sneaking out happening. And there's a lot of event you just wanted to be with her but she's with that A$AP Rocky.

Sometimes you're feeling beyond jealous at the closeness of the two but you can't do anything about it.

You let trust be the center of your relationship as you don't want to ruin what you started.

As for you, there's a lot of blessings coming your way. A talent manager just discovered you and you're signed into a record label. And that's we're you're heading today. To the recording studio.

You finally reach the studio. You started recording immediately as you arrived late and it's not how you wanted to start out.

The first song that you'll be recording is your song for her. She's always your inspiration, she's the definition of every song you wanted to write.

You're thankful that somehow, being busy is a way of your escape from stalking your girlfriend on the internet.

"And that's what we're talking about!" The record producer cheered as he clap his hands along with your manager.

You just finished recording your first song and you're glad they liked it.

The song is called The Feeling. It's a song you wrote inspired by her. You wrote it when you're debating if you love her or just the feeling when she's around.

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