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Today is the day. Sitting on the couch with Kylie and Khloe as I'm waiting for Kendall. Let just say, I'm too fucking early.

"Here she is." I quickly get up when Kylie shouted excitedly as her sister is walking down the stairs.

Damn, this feeling again. My heart stops, everything feels like it's moving in slow motion.

She is so pretty. It's amazing how effortlessly beautiful she is.

She's wearing a highwaisted denim jeans, a tank top, and white sneakers. Nothing special, but still she looks so god damn perfect. Always taking my breath away.

Until she completely went down the stairs, I just remained standing and looking at her. Admiring every inch of her.

"Y/N! Y/N!"

"What?" I recovered from my deep thoughts when Kylie called my name.

"Hahahaha. Is Kenny hypnotizing you?" I suddenly feel embarassed on what Khloe said. I didn't notice that I'm already staring at her long enough to feel awkward. I just looked down of embarassment.

"No, still not my type." I said that made them look at me knowingly. God, Kenny will be the death of me. I really like love her.

"Y/N, my sister is yours now."

What? I immediately look up and look at Kylie confuse written all over my face.

"In behalf of my sisters, we're giving you-." Kendall cut off Khloe in the middle of the sentence.

Kendall looked at me shyly.

"Bye guys. We're living. Love yah!" She said and started pushing me towards the door and we went out.

I immediately open the front door seat for her then she jumped in. I went to the driver side and started the car.

I look down at the steering wheel then glanced at her. She's also looking at me that made our eyes met.

"You look so pretty." I said almost whisper.

"Thank you." She said as she started hiding her blush.

We are walking at the hallway on our way to our class, today is Thursday so we're at the same class first period.

Everyone is looking at me, it feels like they've just seen a ghost. I've been away for weeks so yea, I probably feel the same about it.

It's okay for me to be late and absent for weeks, why? Because Harry's father owns this school so yea.

We entered the lab and everyone are still looking at me.

"Wow, Y/N. I'm so glad you could fit us to your schedule." Our teacher said sarcastically. "What took you almost two weeks, huh?"

"Ahm, my mom told me to go to hell, at first I'm having trouble looking for it but now I'm here." I said more sarcastically and everyone chuckled. Even Kendall is holding her laugh. I just smiled.

Time goes by so fast and right now, I'm on my way to the cafeteria hoping my squad are still there.

I've been away for so long I think somethings has changed. But I saw them, at the same spot we used to hangout.

Everyone is busy with their own business so they haven't seen me yet. I gestures Kendall to stay quiet and she did.

I went to Hailey's back and covered her eyes with my hands.

"Guess who?" I said as everyone look at me with eyes wide open.

I remove my hands from Hailey and she turn around to look at me. She almost shed her jaw as she's almost dumbfounded.

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