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"Look at the mess you made Kenny, how are you going to answer all these questions?" Your momager asked you disbelievingly.

She found out that you and Blake broke up then he announced it publicly saying you cheated that he's the one who broke up with you and now you are all over the news. What a lier and a loser. And being manage by your own mom, she knew that paparazzis and reporters will come after you and probably going to be in all of your business.

You don't know why you broke up with Blake but one things is for sure, you don't love him and he's just a distraction.

"Mom, chill! I can be a snob in everything. I can handle this." You said trying to convince your mom.

"Okay!" She sighed in defeat. "Just be safe always and please don't let those paps get in your head. Just ignore them and all of the questions they'll ask."

"Alright." You said as you look at the time on your phone. "I have to go. My friends are waiting for me. Love you!" You kiss her head and bid her good bye.

You are about to hang out with your friend Kaia and Taco. You're planning on buying Daniel a present as it is his birthday tomorrow.

You arrived at the meeting place and the two are already there busy on their phones.

"Sorry, momager meeting cause a delay." You explain.

"It's all good. We just arrived here." Kaia said smiling as you hug each other.  You and Kaia becomes close as ever like best friends.

You went to the nearest mall and as expected, paparazzis are all over the place taking pictures of the three of you.

You went to different store here and there to buy some gifts for your friend's birthday tomorrow. When the three of you felt hungry, you decided to dine in your favorite food place.

The girl behind the counter is shocked as expected.

"For the nth time can I have a double cheese burger please?" You asked and the girl snapped firmly at attention. You smiled at her nicely. "It's okay."

She soon took all of your orders and Taco reserved seats for the three of you. You went to where your seats are and in less than ten minutes, your order arrived.

"So can you now please tell me why all of a sudden you dumped Blake?" Taco started the topic.

You sighed as you think of the reasons why. The reality is it feels like you're just fooling yourself trying to fall for him that you know deep inside you that that'll never going to happen. Your heart belongs to someone, your first true love from high school.

Now that he's back, it made it really hard for you to move on even if he's gone for a year. Your mind is telling you to move on, but your heart is not cooperating and making its own decision.


You woke up from your deep thoughts when Taco started snapping his fingers in front of your face.

"You're zoning." Kaia said. You breathe deeply and compose yourself.

"Hmm, he's too cocky for me." You said that made them nod. You didn't tell them the real reasons why though Blake's cockiness is one of it.

You continued talking about the party tomorrow but then got interrupted when Kaia's phone went off. Someone's calling but you don't know who.

Kaia excuses herself and to the a corner busy on her phone probably talking to someone.

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