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"Before you get back here awhile ago, Y/N... he passed away—-."

"WHAT!!!!!!" You yelled as you burried your face on Khloe's chest. You can't take it anymore as you freak out and tears won't stop streaming down your face.

You look up at Khloe and her eyes are also glossy red as she started crying from what news the doctor just told the both of you.

"As I told you a while ago, his chance of living is 30%, but miracle happened. We even can't believe it, something we haven't seen before. He died, then he came back to life. The patient is fighting. But right now he's still in a critical condition."

You look up to the doctor as you heard what he said. He's smiling at you.

"He's alive, but he can't see you, he can hear you though. He's stable but he's in a coma. Blood pressure and heart rate are both low but within acceptable ranges. But at this time I can't give you an indication when he might wake up. Maybe tomorrow, but there's also a chance he may not come of it for months or a year, or maybe not at all. Coma is unpredictable. And also, we have to transfer him to the operating room and get his arms and legs surgery once the blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal. We'll let you know when can you see him."

The doctor explained and both of you and Khloe just keep on listening.

"But you only have two hours a day as a visting hours. The patient is in a critical condition." The doctor continued and both you and Khloe just nodded.

"Kenny, let's just take a look at Y/N then we go home. We'll come back tomorrow."

You don't want to, but you can't stay. Y/N is going to the ICU and the doctor said that visiting hours is from eleven in the morning till eight in the evening. So you just have to come back tomorrow.


It's been two weeks, the surgery was done but Y/N is still in the ICU and still in coma state.

It's been two weeks that hospital's waiting area becomes your second home.

You've cancelled already all your bookings for the month as you don't want to leave Y/N alone and you know in yourself that you can't work properly thinking about Y/N.

You wanted to be the first person he sees when he wokes up. You are lowkey praying to god that Y/N didn't have a memory lost as you don't want him to forget about you and what you had.

"Kenny, you should at least take some rest." You woke up from your thoughts as Hailey spoke.

You are very thankful for your friends that they never left you in this situation alone. Everyday, atleast two of your friends are passing by to check on Y/N.

"I'm totally fine, Hails. I'm staying here—"

"No! You are not fine. Look at yourself. You're a mess Kenny, and do you think Y/N would like to see you like that? Because I don't think so." Bella said this time.

You took your phone and check yourself at the front camera and they are right, dark circles around your eyes. You look so pale, and you're a mess in general.

"Come on, Kenny. We'll take you home."

"Alright. I'm just gonna get inside." You said as you walk inside the ICU room.

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