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"So the person you are telling me about, have you found him?" Your friend Kaia inquire as you are walking at the street of LA on your way to the studio.

Your career bloomed. You are not just a super model, but also a photographer. And right now, you are so overwhelmed about shooting the cover of LOVE magazine.

You told her about Y/N who's been gone for a year and you are slowly getting hopeless of finding him.

You looked for him everywhere ever since but you never get a clue where is he.

You never told her who you are looking for but you told her you are looking for an old friend. You never told her what happened why he's missing. Heck, you never told anyone that you are looking for Y/N, even your friends don't know that you're looking for the guy.

"I looked everywhere, but I think that's enough. I can't waste my time anymore. Right now, I'm focusing on my job." You said closing with a tight lip smile.

You never thought you'd be friends with the daughter of the super model who's you've been looking up, your idol, your inspiration, Cindy Crawford.

Soon, you arrived at the studio and started the shoot. Kaia looks like the spitting image of her mom. It's amazing how easy it is to work with her. She's so natural.

"You look so beautiful, Kaia." You said as you are showing her the soft outtakes.

Kaia blushed on your remark.

"That's a lot coming from you, Ken."

You walked outside still talking about random stuffs when some car horn honking in front of you that happens to be Kaia's mom and dad waving at the both of you.

You both walk towards the car and Cindy hopped out hugging you.

"How's my daughter?" She asked.

"She's all natural and it is so easy to work with her. And she's so beautiful." You said all smile.

Kaia hopped in the car after hugging you good bye. You keep talking with Cindy for another minute.

"Why don't you come with us, Ken?" Suddenly, Cindy asked once she's inside the car.

"No. I don't want to intrude and—." You got cut off when Kaia rolled down the window on her side with the pleading eyes.

"Ken please. Have dinner with us." She said pouting.

You thought about what she said and you finally agreed.

"Okay. Only beause you are cute."

You hopped in the car. On the ride on the way to where they live, all you talk about is modelling stuffs. You also said that she's your idol ever since, and one reason why you started modeling is because of her. She inspired you in anyway.

Soon, you arrived in their huge Los Angeles house.

"Feel at home, Kenny." Cindy told you once you entered the house.

Kaia immediately pulled you, grabbing your wrist, and started dragging you towards the entrance to their backyard.

Once you are there, you saw a garden table and a guy who's back is facing you.

You looked at Kaia when she stops on her track.

You saw her forming her mouth in 'o' shape and her eyes are wide open like she's shocked.

"Oh my! What are you doing here?" She shouted as she let go of your hand and started running towards the guy.

You walk towards them as you don't know what to do.

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