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Neighbors - Shawn Mendes by Audrey788
Neighbors - Shawn Mendesby Audreyyy
He pulled up on the side of the curb as we unpacked. " You must me Lia" he smirked, pulling his lip ring between his teeth. "I'm Shawn Mendes, your new...
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Changed My Mind ( Harry Styles Fanfic ) by SecretTattoos
Changed My Mind ( Harry Styles Secrettattoos
""I bet your fiancé is having fun. Celebrating and getting drunk." Harry tells me as he takes another sip of his alcoholic drink. "I don't care what...
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ONE SHOT: My Hero (girl x girl) (Kendall Jenner x Gigi Hadid) by TheFantasyFactory
ONE SHOT: My Hero (girl x girl) ( TFF
Gigi has an eating disorder, Kendall will help her...
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pizza guy ; d.l by babyaryel
pizza guy ; d.lby ariel
oh i see, well, I'm gonna go now but be carful, since you are alone and smoking, something bad could happen to you like me asking the pizza guy if he wants to join me? ...
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In My Eyes// Akademia Wampirów// S.G.// G.H. by gigiselena
In My Eyes// Akademia Wampirów// gigiselena
Kto powiedział, że życie siedemnastolatki jest łatwe?
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Oblivion by voguefused
Oblivionby Anca
oblivion (n): the state of being unaware of what is happening around you - "You're falling into oblivion, brother! And when you'll hit the ground you'll shatter so...
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Rant Book [ranting] by sum001
Rant Book [ranting]by sum001
. A RANT BOOK [these rants are just my opinion so there's no need to get butt hurt or take things in an offensive...
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My Heart Is For You by onedirectionfan35
My Heart Is For Youby Pamela Mishaud
Zayn Mailk left the boy band one direction but everybody thinks you have to be selfish but he didn't what people don't know is the behind the scenes there's a lot of stu...
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You Complete My Family by onedirectionfan35
You Complete My Familyby Pamela Mishaud
Niall James Horan as a single father of 3 kids he works as a highschool teacher does the best he can for his children he's left the reason is owned by his self how the o...
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Gigi is a 17 year old girl she just moved in he neighborhoods of sunny San Diego, California. Which means she has to go to a new school. Gigi Dreads making new friends o...
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Gold by lilyhasswagg
Goldby Marina ♥
Alanis, Blue, and Clarity, all 16. Their passion of music takes them to audition for the X-Factor
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BRADFORD BAD BOY (Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik) by Naughtix
BRADFORD BAD BOY (Gigi Hadid and Notix
Gigi Hadid is the new girl in Bradford, she just moved in from America and looking forward to school because her 4 other best friends already are there. But what she doe...
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BAD BLOOD (on hold) by bluemintchipx
BAD BLOOD (on hold)by Tara
"Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes ." Revenge is always there.
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Kaylor One Shots by Mom-Crooning
Kaylor One Shotsby Mom-Crooning
Various collection of Kaylor One Shots. From smut to fluff • • • The co...
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Dirty Dancing {Jelena} ✔ by TheKiwiStyles
Dirty Dancing {Jelena} ✔by TheKiwiStyles
[COMPLETED] Her whole world seemed to be crashing right before her eyes. But she refused to believe it. "Why are you doing this?" She cried, clutching her ches...
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1989 by --TaylorSwift--
1989by Taylor Swift
born back then
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In His Eyes | H. S |  by mesmericbiebs
In His Eyes | H. S | by A.
" Life is all about moments. Moments of impact and how it changes our lives forever. But what if one day you could no longer remember any of them. " ...
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first (DISCONTINUED) by ddespondentt
first (DISCONTINUED)by z,,
in which zayn plays both but had to make a decision at the end. will it be gigi? the one he's lustfully attached to? or will it be barbara? the one who got his back sinc...
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pillowtalk | zigi by poetrybymimi
pillowtalk | zigiby poetrybymimi
I'm seeing the pain Seeing the pleasure Nobody but you, 'body but me, 'body but us Bodies together I'd love to hold you close, tonight and always I'd love to wake up nex...
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Beautiful Now (Adopted By Kendall Jenner Book 3) (DISCONTINUED) by chanelsversace
Beautiful Now (Adopted By Sophia
*THIS BOOK HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED* **BOOK #3** Leslie's now 16 and has an amazing career ahead of her! But what happens when the pressure of being under the spotlight g...
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