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a/n: so yea, i'm not creative enough to write prologue or whatever. i hope you like this one.
p.s. sorry if i ain't good.

Third Person's POV

"It's all the same people." Your bestfriend Daniel said as you were standing at the poolside.

"Yeah, it's kinda sad, to be honest." You said as you chug a bottle of beer. You are both tipsy.

One of your rich friend from school is throwing a party that been held annually before the school year starts.

You are having a conversation with your best friend when your girlfriend came in kissing you on the cheek.

"I've been looking for you everywhere." Barbara said snaking her hands on your neck. "You do?" You asked her as you tucked in a strands of hair behind her ear.

You and Barbara started dating last semester and it's been a year already. She's actually your first serious girlfriend. You never stayed in relationship that long. She's something you don't want to lose in your life.

You don't know what will happen to your life if ever she'll broke up with you. Just the thought of it is making you sick in your stomach. She's your treasure, your kryptonite, and your elixir.

"Babe! Are you listening to me?" You snap back in reality as you didn't notice you've been zoning out just staring at your girlfriend.

"Sorry, I-I-I know, whenever I look at you, I forget everything I was going to say." You said and she blushed on your words.

"Are you really that flirty?" She asked running her fingers through your hair.

"Well, just so you know, you're still my crush even though you are already my girlfriend." You said that made her giggle and you were caught by her lips locking on to yours.

"Babe, I just gonna go to my friends. See you later." She kissed you one last time at the lips before she scoot out.

You were left with your best friend and you two just decided to get inside somewhere secluded part of the place where it's not that loud and less people.

You went to a dark room where there's only like less than ten people goofing around, playing spin the bottle to be exact. You both can't see them clearly because the light is dark and only the light from outside gives brigth to the room.

You and your bestfriend just sat down at the comfy couch as you both just resting to sober up.

"Hey dude, the cl-" You were about to make a conversation with your bestfriend when someone cuts you off and kiss you torridly on the lips while straddling on your lap...and by the feelings you get, you are sure that it's not your girlfriend.

"What the fuck?" You cursed as you pushed whoever that is.

"Chill, it's just a dare." The girl you can't see the face said while chuckling standing in front of you.

You tried so hard but you really can't see her face. Her voice is not even familiar. You don't know if she goes to the same school as yours.

You were shocked and some how her lips felt right but she isn't Barbara. Your girlfriend is a jealousy type of girl. Barbara might freaked out and worse, she might break up with you if she find out that you kissed another girl, well technically, another girl kissed you. But she's not gonna believe that.

"Kendall! Come back here. It's Gigi's turn." One of her friends called her and she scoot out. You know Gigi, she goes to your school ans she's kinda one of your friend.

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