TGP - xvii

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Hailey's POV

I was having some dinner with Bella and Gigi when my phone went off. I look at it and in my surprise it's Harry. It's been long since I last saw him and this is actually the first time he'll calling me.

"Yes?" I started.

"Look, Hailey. I'm at the airport right now and Y/N called and he's been attacked by robbbers or something. Can you please go check him but don't tell anyone about it. I have to go." He continuously said.

"Bu-" I was about to sag something but he ended the call.

I suddenly feel nervous. Hearing Y/N's name makes me feel nervous.

I have this feeling towards him. When he left, I missed him so much, really. How I wish I could put my feelings into words, but I can't.

Ever since freshman year, I already have my eyes on him. I always like him and this last year of school is the only time we get along.

He's known in school and doesn't have a good reputation, but I don't care.

I remember back in sophomore, he's always going to this church where I'm still going and I always watch him from a far.

Junior year starts, we have classes together, I wanted to tell him how I feel but Barbara get in the way. They started dating until, they broke up before senior starts.

I lowkey feeling triumphant when I heard the news about the two breaking up. And I get close with him.

I can't tell anyone I like him, it feels like true love hut I'm not sure. I've never been in love but from what I hear sure does feel like it.

My hearts starts beating rapidly and I get big flattery butterflies in my stomach whenever he's clingy to me. There's no way I could ever tell him though I don't know if he feels the same, he's also acting clingy towards Kendall. So, I don't wanna get my hopes high up.

"What's wrong, Hails?" Gigi asked that made me woke up from my thoughts.

"N-nothing. My tummy hurts and I really need to head home." I said as I stood up. I lied at them.

"Sure. Take care, B." Bella said as they stood up and give me a hug.

I went and storm off driving fast to go to Y/N's flat.

I pressed the door bell the moment I get there. After several seconds, he opened the door and he is frowning but when he sees me, his face soften.

"Hi." I greeted him shyly.

"What brings you here? Come on in." He opened the door wide and we sat at the couch in the living room.

I told him that Harry called me and explain everything to him.

"Your face is a mess. Let me clean it up." I said as I examined his bruises and scratch.

Just like him, I wanted to attend medical school too, but I wanted to be a model also.

"The first aid kit is inside my room. Let's go?"



I can't believe Harry called Hailey to take care of me. I can take care of myself, duh.

I lay on the bed while waiting for Hailey to get back. She's getting the first aid kit from the bathroom.

"You should've shun you know. Look what happened to your face." She said as she's putting some alcohol on the cotton balls and patted on the side of my lips carefully.

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