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You all decided to sleep over Gigi's pad as her parents are not around.

When you woke up you feel like hell. It's not the alcohol you took last night, but the discomfort feeling that your face is giving.

You stand up from the guest room's bedroom to realized that you're the only one who woke up late.

You went outside looking for everyone and you saw them at the backyard area having breakfast or whatever.

"Morning." You greeted them non chalantly as you grab Kendall's bread that she's holding.

"Dude, what the fuck!" She exclaimed and roll her eyes on you. Annoying her is one of your favorite thing to do.

"Dude, what happened to your face?" Zayn suddenly asked as he's making coffee.

"I know. I got beaten last night. Seriously, it fucking hurts like hell." You winced as Kendall holds you on your face roughly.

"How's your vagina?" She asked making everyone cry in laughters.


a/n: so yea, i just decided to use their own point of view starting from here. hope you guys enjoy it as i do while writing it.


Kendall's POV

My phone vibrated from my pocket that made me excuse myself from everyone and went to sit at one of the beach chair at the poolside.

I look at my phone to see him calling.

"Hey babe, how are you?" My boyfriend greeted. Yes I have a boyfriend. His name is Julian and it's been a year since we started dating.

It's just sad that he's at Canada going to college there.

"Hey, just fine. Gigi is one helluva party host." I said.

I remember why I attended the party back at Tyler's. The last week of summer before the school year starts. That day is the same day that Julian left LA to go to Canada because of college. I feel so sad, we've been together always and this is actually the hardest months for me. And another thing is, we barely talk because he's busy with the training and all college stuffs. Atleast that's what he said.

I went crazy that night because I wanted to free my mind and I thought alcohol could help. Then we played truth or dare, me being the funny person I am, I take dares. And the last dare is to kiss Y/N as been ordered by Hailey.

They never said Y/N has a girlfriend or something and I'm sure I'm so fucking drunk to even mind about it. So I did the dare...the dare that I will regret doing forever. It feels like I fucking cheated on my boyfriend.

And another reason,  I feel like I fucking ruined a relationship. Y/N is not a type of guy who's gonna cheat on his girlfriend as that is what I can see. He's different from those other guys. Barbara is one helluva lucky girl to get someone like Y/N, but she throws him away...because of me.

That's why I agreed on helping him to make Barbara jealous. And I don't think it's working.

"Hey babe! Are you even listening to me?" I woke up to reality and I heard Julian exclaimed.

"Ah you were saying?"

"I said I got in the football team. Isn't that great?" He said happily that made my mood light up a bit.

"That's more than great. Hope I was there to celebrate with you."

"Aw babe, just hearing your voice is enough of a celebration. So by the way, I have to go. Coach is going crazy. Love you."

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