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"This party is so lit!" You announce shouting at Tyler.

Each of your friends show up catching up with you though you can't remember more than half of them.

"All for you man!" Tyler patted your back as he handed you a red cup full of whatever liquor there is.

You toast with them and down a cup.

"By the way, the one with a blonde straight hair is Hailey, the blonde with a curly hair is Gigi, and the brunette is Gigi's sister Bella." Daniel said while pointing at the girls who's walking towards your way.

Of course you know them, you went to school together before but you're not sure if you're friends with them, because last time you remember you hust attented some classes with them but not really talk as they have different circles of friends.

"Y/N!" Hailey cheered running towards you and engulfing your into a hug where you hug her back.


"You remember me?"

You do remember her because you used to watch her every move when you were attending regular church day before and she's always there. You kinda like have a lowkey crush on her that time.

"Why wouldn't I? I used to have a crush on you and used to stalk you." You admitted confidently.

She slap your arm playfully.

"You're still the Y/N we used to know." She said giggling. You smiled at her and she kinda blushed.

Victim for tonight. You thought to yourself as you don't want to go home not scoring. You're like really back to your old self which all you want is fool around with different girls. You're the definition of fuck boy.

"By the way, these are Bella and Gigi." She introduced the two models with endless legs. You shook hands with them and you roll your eyes playfully at Hailey.

"Duh! I also know them." You said sarcastically.

"Of course you do." The Hadids laugh at you before engulfing you with a much tighter hug.

"So Hailey, can I get you a drink?" You inquire smirking at her.

"Sure." She smiled.

"So girls, if you could excuse us." You said at the Hadids who's talking with Daniel, Taco, and Tyler.

You walk away with Hailey while your arm is wrap around her waist. You went to the liquor table and decided to mix her something to drink.

You went on the couch at the sitting room where there's no one in. You and Hailey are the only person there.

"So Hailey, tell me something that I can't remember." You asked.

Hailey clears her throat before facing you.

"We where in senior high school and we kinda dated for a month." She said shyly that made you shocked.

You can't remember dating Hailey, you can't even remember dating anyone from highschool. The only thing you remember is screwing girls that you don't reciprocate the feelings.

"You're joking right?"

"No. We really dated."



"Just can't believe I dated the gorgeous Hailey Baldwin. Just wow!"

"Barbara Palvin, me, and your last girl friend that I could remember is Ke—." She got cut off when the door flew open revealing a tall brunette that you just recently met.

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