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"You look beautiful, like you're all the guys could ask for. You're a wifey material. The girl who guys wanted to end up with, and I see a bestfriend in you, I'm so sorry Taylor but we're not gonna end up what you wanted us to be." You said with full sincerity in your eyes while holding both of her hands.

Her face fell and she's just so sad. You're in your house right now and she took you by surprise when she suddenly asking you things you never thought she'd asked.

"...but you kissed me. on the lips back at Gigi's party." She whispered eyes in tears. "I thought that you like me like that too, you made me believe that you like me like that." She fake a smile as she wipe her tears away.

"Yes I did kissed you, and I don't regret that. I tried, I really tried to feel the same way but I can't. I can't dictate my heart. Sorry if I ever ma—."

"It's okay Y/N. It's not you, it's me. And sorry for pushing myself into you. You don't have to say sorry. It's my fault. I should've known. Well, I actually know that you're still in love with her. The way you look at her is different from the way you look at me."

You grab her both hands and look straight into her glassy eyes. "I love you, but as a friend or best friend. I don't want to ruin what we have. I know that if we take it to next level, I will fuck things up and probably ruin you, this is the best for both of us Tay." You said as she nodded lightly. 

You pulled her and planted a kiss on her head as the two of you hug each other.

"I understand." She said.

"Thank you." You replied.

It's been a month since you decided to just be friends with Taylor. It's been a month since she decided to go back to her home town which is New York. You talk on a regular basis, through facetime and imess.

As for you, you're busy making youtube videos. Vlogging and making song covers which made you famous in social medias.

Maybe you're not the Y/N that goes on tour and having concert here and there, at least now you're trying on your own.

You're not signed into any label or contract, you're making money online and you're more than contented with that. As long as you make people happy, you are happy.

It's been a month since you stop stalking the girl that you like through her social media accounts, news, her stan page on twitter updating wherever she is and whatever she's doing. Last time you check, she's attending some event with her boyfriend by her side. You don't know what's up with her anymore and you are more glad to feel better now.

"Dude, your cover of Perfect by Ed Sheeran is seriously the most viewed song cover as of the moment and you uploaded it like three days ago." Your bestfriend who's always there for you no matter what said also known as Daniel.

"Can't wait to upload the song I wrote." You said. He just look at you and shook his head smiling.

"You missed the party last week. Why?"

He's talking about the party at Tyler's. And it seems like he's oblivious about the reason why.

"I miss every party. You know why."

"I know. But have I not told you that Kendall is single as fuck for like three weeks now."

The moment you heard her name made you stir a bit and when you heard she's single made you stood up abruptly.

"What? Single for three weeks now? Why you didn't tell me?"

"Dude, calm your balls! First of all, yes she's single for three weeks now, and second why would I tell you when the last time I checked you're like stalking her on social medias. It's all over the news." He explained and you just sighed deeply. Now you're regretting a month of not stalking her.

Daniel is the only person in the world who knew everything about your whereabouts even your secrets. You are secretly stalking Kendall and for some reason you are sort of craving for her. You wanted to feel her touch, you always wanted to hear her voice because it sounds music to your ear, and you wanted to feel her love...again.

"Well, I stopped a month ago." You sighed.

"It's not my fault, so anyways, I just came here to invite you for the party tomorrow night."

"You know I can't." You answered.

"Well I need you to be there because it's my fucking birthday party." He said with a warning tone as he tap your shoulder. "I gotta go. See you tomorrow night." Then he left.

You breathe as he's out of your sight. You decided to check the internet and he's telling the truth, Kendall is single now and there's a lot of picture of her hanging out with your step sister. They're seen doing some shopping together and eating at a restaurant.

You immediately grab your phone and dialed your sister's number.

"Hey bro—." She started but you cut her off. 

"Hey, I was browsing the internet and saw you and Kendall like really close. Does she asked anything about me? Did she mentioned my name? Do you know anything about her planning on dating someone after her ex helluva boyfriend-." You got rudely interrupted by your sister.

"Ex helluva boyfriend like yourself." She chuckled that made you roll your eyes. "So why would Kendall talk or asked about you?" She giggled again that make you exhale. You didn't think of the things you're trying to ask her and now you wanted to take it all back. You're more than ashame of yourself for asking your sister something like that.

"Nevermind. I gotta go. Bye. Love yah!"

"Love yah too!"


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