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"Dude, I swear you scared the freak out of me." Tyler got shocked and gasping for air as you surprised him in his house.

"Miss me?" You asked.

"So fucking much dude!" He said hugging you.

"Never thought you're a hugger."

"What can I say? You've been gone for a year and we never see a glimpsed of you. The last time we saw you is when you're a total mess laying on the hospital bed, lifeless." He said and hugged you again. "Dude, if you're already a ghost, I don't care. I'm still gonna hug you. We thought you're dead."

You chuckled as you pull out from the much needed hug.

"That's the problem. The doctor said I got amnesia and I can only remember the things we do back in sophomore. The doctor also said that I'm lucky that atleast I can remember something, the only sad part is there's a 90% chance that I will not gonna regain my memory back." You said as you sat on the couch.

The look on Tyler's face is priceless. Wide eyes and his teeth with gap showing.

"Don't fuck with me."

"I'm not fucking with you."

"Sure you are."

You started catching up about some random stuffs and he decided to invite your other two friends. Daniel and Taco.

Just like Tyler, their facial expressions are the same.

"Dude, we need to throw a party. I'm dj-ing." Daniel exclaimed.

"Yea. We should throw a party tonight!" Taco announced.

"Where?" You asked.

"Here." Tyler said and all of you agreed.

You told them to invite only few people and people that you're friends with already that you can't remember.


You went out walking to the streets of LA and you get annoyed when some people are pointing their phone and cameras towards your way. You can say that some of them are paparazzis.

"Y/N, where have you been the past year?"
"Y/N, why did you left the lime light?"
"What can you say about Kendall and Blake dating?"

There's a lot of questions coming from them and you don't know why they are asking you such thing. It feels like you were famous before or maybe they knew you're Cindy Crawford's bastard.

You're thankful that you arrived at the coffee shop. You went to the counter and order yourself some blended drink.

"Y/N one photo please?" The girl at the counter and some customers asked you and they keep taking candid pictures of you.

You get annoyed as you feel like you are suddenly becomes a celebrity. You look outside just to see a lot of people looking at you.

"Can a normal guy just get his drink please." You asked the girl nicely. You are trying to keep it cool. After taking multiple pictures of you, she finally gave you your drink and you quickly scoot out of the coffee shop. Covering your face so they wont see you.

You soon arrived at your apartment to get change, you are going to Tyler's for the party.


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