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a/n: sorry if it took me ages to update. I'm having some personal issues and didn't have time for this but I'm back. This one is going to be a short update and maybe the last chapter.


"Y/N...I love you but I don't think it's going to work..."

"A-are you breaking up with me?"

She nodded.

"I wanted to tell you for awhile, but I just can't get the right words to s—."

"You wanted to break up with me for a while?"

"I've been thinking about it lately and waiting for the right time."

"There was never a right time for breaking up, Hailey. I don't understand why you want to break up with me."

Just like her, my eyes started releasing tears. It's been a month of me and Hailey dating. I knew I was doing good in keeping up with our relationship, I just don't get why she wanted to break up with me all of a sudden. I admit I still missed Kendall once in awhile.

"I don't know."

"Of course you know! Is there someone else, huh?" I demanded.

"No. It's —."

"Don't give me with that 'it's not you, it's me' bullshit line."

"It's you!"


"It's you. It's definitely you."

I felt like I've been kicked in my stomach.

"Y/N, you're cute, you're smart, you're wonderful, you're amazing, you're every girl could as for-"

"Sounds like you're listing down great reasons to break up with me huh." I chuckle sarcastically as I wipe my tears using my shirt.

She went to take my hand but I shook it.

"I'm breaking up with you because of you... you're in love with someone else...and it hurts that it's not me."

"What? I love you. I fucking love you okay. So please don't do this to me Hailey." I begged.

I cried again as I went down on my knees in front of her holding her hands and kissing it.

"I know she loves you too, the way you look at her is different from the way you look at me. And you know what's worst? She's my bestfriend and I don't want us to have a fight."

I knew who she was talking about. I swear I tried to move on from Kendall even though we haven't been together. And I swear I love Hailey now...But maybe I was obvious that some part of me was still looking for Kendall.

After the night that Kendall confess her feelings to me, she went away and I never saw her again. They say she went home schooling and busy with her career. I never run after her because I can't.

"Just stay with me pls." I begged again.

"I can't, Y/N. And I don't want to end things with you with burden. I want a closure. A good one where we can still be friends. And another reason, I'm going back to New York."

"You're what? You're going back to New York and don't have plan on telling me?"

"I'm leaving tomorrow. Sorry if I didn't want to tell you. Listen to me Y/N, I know you love Kendall, and I also know that she loves you too. Remember the night before valentines? I saw her, I fucking saw her. I saw everything, the way she confess her feelings to you, she even kissed you. And the way you look at her, you wanted to reciprocate the love but you can't... now I'm letting you go. Chase after her. You deserve each other and I'll be there to support you both in everything."

I thought about what she said, I don't wanna hurt her. So I just let her be the one to break it up. She's right about everything.

"Friends?" She extended her hands to me as I stood up.

Instead of shaking her hand, I pulled her into a hug.

"I love you." I mumbles as I burried my face on her neck smelling her fruity perfume for the last time.

"I love you too, but you love her more."

The end.


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