TGP - xviii

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"Netflix and chill?" I asked naughtily as I run my fingers to her shoulder.

"Baby, no! Just netflix, okay." She said as she remove my hand and intertwined our fingers instead.

It's been two weeks since I started going out with Hailey. No one still knows, just the two of us.

I setup the netflix and I let her choose what she wanted to watch, and she chose Gossip Girls.

We haven't did it yet, I don't think she's ready and we decided to take things slow because we wanted it to be perfect. Sure she does help me to move on from Kendall.

I was dying of boredom as I'm not really a fan of this kind of series, so I decided to goof around.

I slowly lunged my hand towards her soft spot; which is her hips. I started tickling her like I was mad and we wrestled on the bed and we fell to the floor. The room was surronded by her giggles as she surrendered and try to spat my hands away from her. I'm stronger than her that she couldn't really defend herself much. I keep on tickling her, and her back arched as little tears of joy started trickling at the corner of her eyes.

I just look at her as I'm at top of her. Her giggle stops and stared at me with seriousness on her face. I started to swallow the imaginary lumps on my throat at as I look at her lips.

"Let's do it, pls?" I asked.

"Babe, I don't want our relationship to be about sex..."

"I swear, Hails, just looking at you makes me horny." I said as I started to feel my half chub.

Without saying a word, she pulled my face and kissed me toridly. I took it as a sign that she wanted to do it with me. I slowly get up and carry her to the bed without breaking the sloppy kiss we're sharing. And the rest is history. We did it, and I feel a million times better.

"I love you, baby." I said as I look at her and she's still panting.

"I love you too, you have no idea." She replied and peck my lips multiple times before she rested her head on my chest.

I started drawing circles on her back as we're both covered with blankets. It feels like I'm living the dream. I totally forgot about Kendall and I think it is a good thing.

"I used to watch you sometimes." She said out of nowhere. I look down at her but her eyes were closed.

"That's not creepy." I said as we both giggled.

"The first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew you're the one." She said that made the butterflies in my stomach go wild.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but for the record, I watch you sometimes too." I admitted as I really did watched her too.

I remember back then when I used to attend the regular church day, she's always there. I wanted to talk to her but I'm coward as fuck so I never talked to her.

"So, who was your first time?" She asked that made me smile. Never thought she'd asked that.

"I was in freshman, she's a senior. I thought she could teach me with some stuff. Well, all three minutes were a blast."

We both laugh at my words and she laid on her stomach and looked at me.

"Do I know her?" She asked as she run her fingers on my chest.

I suddenly remembered my first time. I was invited in a party back then when I met this girl. She taught me so many things and I like it. We kinda secretly dated for weeks but we end it as she already have a boyfriend.

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