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"You want something to drink?" Harry asked as we're dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

"No. Thank you." I shook my head no as I'm not really into drinking anything that has alcohol in it.

I don't know what's with Harry and me. We're friends for a week now and I can say, he's a good and funny one. But even though, I still have my eyes for only one. That one person who can't seem to see ne the same way. That's why I decided to be just friends with him.

That day back at the pool, I really wanted to tell him I like him because he told me that if I really like this guy, I should tell him straight how I feel. But I can't just tell him I like him and get him creeped out by my confession.

The moment he told me that advice, is the moment I realize I should be just friends with him. Nothing more. Nothing less. Why? Because that advice coming from him, if he feels something towards, he should tell me right a way.

When I asked him to be friends with me is the moment I broke my own heart.

"Hey, Ken. You okay?"

"Ah. Y-yea. I'm just tired." I said and sat on the couch. He followed me and sit beside me.

I look around to see find Y/N and saw him at the bar stool sitting beside Hailey. They've been together lately, I asked Hailey if they're a thing she said they're not and they're just friends. And also she said that I'm the first one to know if ever that happen. So I'm guessing, Hailey has a crush on Y/N.

"Water." Harry gave me a bottled of fiji water and I took it.

"Thanks." I mumbles.

After talking about some random stuffs with Harry, he grabs ny hand and pulled me back to the dance floor and we startes dancing again with our friends.

We started grinding at each other and how I wish he's Y/N and not Harry.

As soon as the clock hits two in the morning, we decided to call it a night.

Harry is so drunk like he passed out on the couch.

"Do you guys really need to go? You can sleep here you know. There's numbers of guest rooms in this house." Y/N said as he walk us to the driveway. Y/N is not as drunk as Harry.

"We don't wanna intrude and we'll be back in the morning to help you clean up." Gigi said.

"Yea, Y/N. We're good." Kylie said.

"You don't have to help us clean the house, I'm just gonna call little helpers. Y'all better take care." He said before opening his arm and Kylie hugged him. Followed by Bella, then Gigi, and the guys, then Hailey.

I can say, he spend a longer time hugging Hailey than the rest of them. He even kissed the side of her head before helping her getting into Zayn's car.

I turn around approaching mine and Kylie's car when Y/N called me.

"Hey, ex-girlfriend. Aren't you gonna hug me?" He murmur and pouted giving me as sad as puppy face. He looks so cute, really.

I hesitated at first because we never really done something like this hugging and stuff. We did holding hands but hug is a next level.

"Come here." I said opening my arms for him. His puppy face faded and lit up as he approach me. He hugged me real tight like he's holding on his dear life. I hug him back tight. How I wish to just stay like this forever.

"I miss you, ex-girlfriend." He mumbles that made me blush. He even burried his face at the crook of my neck. "You smell so good. What's that?" He asked as we pulled away.

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