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You woke up with your head pounding and your legs feels numb as something heavy is over you. You don't know what else happened last night after you saw Taylor's bruises all over her thighs.

You stood up as you laid Taylor's back on the couch. So technically, Taylor slept while sitting on your lap and snuggling on you. You sighed in relief as you are both still wearing your clothes from last night, you're so blacked out you can't really remember what happened.

You took your phone from your pocket just to be greeted by lots of miss calls and messages. Mostly from your manager and some from Kendall telling you she's flying back to LA.

A flashback from last night clouded your mind. Your girlfriend kissing Harry. Harry told you about their plan to hurt you. You decided not to reply on her message and just ignored it. You're about to slid back your phone in you pocket when it went off. It's your manager.

"Y/N! What the hell and where the hell are you..."

You rolled your eyes to whatever your manager was saying. You just let him talk and talk telling you they are already at the airport ready to get back to LA.

After the phone call, you bid your good byes to the girls and Taylor woke up right away.

"Hey, I'm leaving now." You said as Taylor sat down. She pulled you that made you sat beside her and she straddle on you wrapping her hands on your nape as she burried her face on your chest.

"Do you really have to?" She pouted with a puppy eyes.

"I don't want to, but I need to." You pouted too.

Romee and Josephine is sitting at the couch right across you and busy with their phones ignoring your interactions with their friend.

"Thank you for last night, Y/N." Taylor pulled you into a hug.

"No worries about it." You said.

Taylor just stare in your eyes and you get lost in them in some way you can't understand. Just because your girlfriend went kinda cheating doesn't mean you have to cheat also.

Taylor started to lean in cupping your right cheek and caressing it with her thumb.

"T-taylor I have a girl—."

You got interrupted when her lips landed on yours and started moving slowly. You hesitated at first but you melt in her lips. You reciprocate the kiss and you pulled out once breathing becomes a problem.

"Wow!" You sighed shock.

"Yes?" Taylor said as she now holding your hand as her cheeks turns in burning shade of red.

"I-I have a— I have to go."

"SURPRISE!" You got welcomed by the whole gang the moment you open the door of your LA flat.

"You guys!" You said as you settled down on the couch.

You're almost happy when you saw your girlfriend Kendall. Smiling and about to hug you when you move instead. Everyone looks at you confused.

You need to confront her about what you saw back at the after party. If not now, then when? Being coward is done and you have to do it now and man up.

"Fuck! I don't like what I saw back at the yatch." You shouted that made everyone flinch. You're not just mad at your girlfriend but you are mad at them too.

"My love, it's not what it lo—."

"Pr stunt? It doesn't seem like it! You're actually enjoying as I watch the two of you fucking making out!!!!" You yelled a bit louder this time. Your blood boils and headaches attacks you.

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