Spin Off: Lucia

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'Lilly's POV'

I feel a tug at the edge of the duvet that covers Lloyd and I. I open my eyes to see my sons standing beside our bed, Ari is half crying and Felix has one arm wrapped protectively around Ari's shoulders, while he rubs his eye with the other.

"What's wrong?" I ask touching Ari's hair gently

"Ari had a nightmare and I can't get him calmed down," Felix answers, yawning slightly

"Come here buddy," I lift the covers off of our bed and allow Ari to climb in. He snuggles himself in between Lloyd and I. I look up at Felix, who smiles sweetly.

"Goodnight mom, I love you," he says, walking around the bed to exit the room

"Goodnight Felix, I love you too," I whisper across the room as he pulls the door closed.


I feel movement from beside me very early in the morning. Ari crawls out of the covers and, luckily, over his father to get out of the bed. He opens the door and then slams it shut. I hear Lloyd groan and turn to face him. I open my eyes and smile at his tired, although open, eyes.

"Good morning," I say gently, causing a smile to form on his lips.

'Lloyd's POV'

I smile gently at her, "good morning, my beautiful wife," she blushes slightly at the comment.

She sits up and let's her legs hang over the side of the bed. She walks to our closet and throws on one of my sweaters, which fits rather tightly around her baby bump, but very loosely everywhere else.

She turns and catches me staring. She smiles and touches her belly, looking down at it.

"They're kicking! Lloyd, they're kicking!" She exclaims, causing me to jump out of bed and drop to my knees in front of her. I lift my sweater, along with her pyjama shirt, and press my cheek to her belly.

Sure enough, I feel a light kick against my cheek. I smile, removing my cheek and quickly replacing it with my lips. I place kisses all around her belly button, making her giggle.

I look up, into her eyes, "I love you so much," I stand and press my lips to hers. I pull away and she smiles

"I love you too," she steps away from me and makes her way to our bedroom door. She exits the room, presumably going downstairs to make sure the boys are ready for school.

I grab a shirt from my dresser and throw it over my head, then readjusting my pyjama pants. I exit our room and make my way down the stairs. Once at the bottom, I'm almost run over by my youngest son.

"Dad, can I have ice cream for breakfast?!" He asks excitedly, a wide smile etched into his face

"What? No, you can't have ice cream for breakfast," I say, confused to why he would even ask

"Aww, why does mommy get ice cream for breakfast?" He whines, pointing into the kitchen. There stands Lilly, eating a small tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream straight from the container.

She notices us, "the baby was craving it," she says with a mouth full of ice cream.

I chuckle, "if you ask really, really nicely, mommy might let you have a spoonful of her ice cream," I tell him, ruffling his hair before he squeals and runs into the kitchen.

He asks Lilly if he can have some of her ice cream, and she dips her spoon back into the container. She hands him the spoon of ice cream and he happily eats it.

'Lilly's POV'

"Is your ba packed?" I ask, looking down at Ari.

"Yep!" He says, running off to get his bag, I assume.

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