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'Lilly's pov'

After everybody was done laughing Nya came up to me "I can tell we're going to be best friends" she says to me "thanks" I replied "by the way you and Lloyd would look really cute together" she says in a whisper then skipped off "WHAT!!!!!" I screamed my eyes as big as basketballs.

'Lloyd's pov'

I heard Lilly yell and saw Nya skip off smirking I walked over to her "Lilly what's wrong?" I asked kind of worriedly she turned to me "what, oh n-nothing" she kind of stutters "Lloyd?" She asks "yeah" I say "I heard Kai say that Coles cooking tonight... Has he gotten any better at it?" She finishes "hmmmmm" I say tapping my chin with my hand like I was thinking really hard about it "no" I finally say "I don't think so" she lets out a long sigh.

"Lilly!!!" Cole yells "I'm making my famous duck chowder for dinner, just for you" he runs past us and as soon as Coles out of ear shot she says "famous for what making the most people puke" I let out a chuckle "I'm not kidding" she says looking back to me and that just makes me laugh more. For some reason Lilly looks to Nya who was currently kissing Jay she makes a face and says "ewwwwwwww" not loud but apparently loud enough to be heard because they stop and Nya looks to Lilly "Lilly" Nya giggles softly I looked to Lilly who still had the same look on her face "Lloyd for once it's not you saying ewe" Kai says to me "hey" I say to him I hear Lilly giggle beside me than she says "so you two are..like,together?" Nya smiles warmly "ya we'll try not to kiss around you any more" she says and with this Lilly giggles again and Jay says "Nya we already can't kiss around Lloyd and now Lilly too" "Jay they are both younger than us so it's kinda nice to them to not have to see us kiss" Nya replies and Jay groans "all this talk of kissing is grossing me out" Lilly says to Nya and Jay "I know right" I say to Lilly.

I notice Nya grinning at Lilly the same way she was when she skipped over to Jay 'what where they talking about' I think to myself.

'Coles pov'

I went into the kitchen to make my duck chowder. When I finished I called the others to come eat, they all come and sit down.

'Lilly's pov'

I sit down at the big table and start to eat while all of the others are struggling to get it down, Lloyd who was beside me nudged my arm and whispers "how do you eat this stuff" "after years you learn to hold your breath so it doesn't taste so bad" I reply "hmmmm" he breathes thinking, he takes another bite and I assume he's holding his breath this time when he swallows he looks back to me In shock and I nod with an I told you so face.

After dinner I help Nya clean up "hey Lilly" she asked me "ya" I reply "what movies do you like, because all of the guys and I are going to watch a movie tonight, so I was wondering" "umm" I thought about it a bit "I like whatever I guess, why what are we watching?" I ask "well.... I think the guys choose chuckie" she said slowly "ok" I said trying to be calm but I was terrified because I'm already afraid of those stupid dolls, not that I ever told anyone and this movie isn't going to help.

Nya and I walked into what is usually the game room but this time all the lights where off and none of the guys where Any where to be seen when all of a sudden all 5 of the guys jump out and yell "BOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Nya screams and I jump but not enough for any one to notice, Cole let out a sort of growl and said "seriously, I still can't scare you! UGH!!" He through his arms up in defeat I laugh and a huge grin appears on my face "so Coles really never scared you" Lloyd asks "never, no body has... ever, but I always scare and prank him and all the other people who try to scare me" I say laughing again "ya ya ok I've never scared her, can we watch the movie now" the group minus me lets out a loud "YA!!"

After the movie sensei told us all to go to sleep and that I was going to find out my element tomorrow "I'm never going to sleep again" I mumble to no one in perticuler but Lloyd who was beside me must have heard me because he says "well now I know what your afraid of" we are at the back of the group so I stop and say "wh-what are you talking about I-I'm not afraid of dolls" ok so I was but I couldn't let him know that he looks at me and holds the movie cover in front of my face I jump and let out a little yelp.

"I knew you where afraid of these dolls" he said "ok I am afraid of them" I said taking him by the collar of his shirt "if you tell Cole, I will hurt you" I say all spookylike "ha you think you could beat me, I did kill the overlord you know" he answers "all I'm saying is watch your back" I say with a smile our faces get closer and closer, when I hear "LILLY!!!" Come from in side Nya and I's room I back away from Lloyd let go of his shirt and say "night Lloyd" "you too" he says quietly and I walk into our room.

When I get into our room Nya was sitting on her bed "I think I'm going to be up all night" she said looking up to me "I know me too" I said kind of shakily.

I got out my pyjamas and put on a pair of plaid purple bottoms and a green tank top. I lay awake most of the night and no matter what I tried I couldn't get to sleep 'what is wrong with me' I think.

'Lloyd's pov'

I walk back to my room 'she almost kissed me' I thought, a blush creeping onto my cheeks. I walk into the guys and I's room I got into pyjamas and for some reason Jay was smiling and holding back giggles "what's so funny?" I ask "oh nothing" Kai said a small smile on his face "other than the red blush on your cheeks" Kai continued "WHAT!! I-I mean w-what blush" they all laughed "I'm going to bed" I mumbled and got into bed but I couldn't sleep. I don't know what's wrong with me but I keep thinking about what almost happened earlier.

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