Wedding Day!

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'Lilly's POV'

The two weeks past quickly and soon, it was our wedding day. The Evil Ninja haven't shown their faces in those two weeks. We got Nya her bridesmaids dress, and my wedding dress. Nya, Misako and I sit in the salon

"Are you nervous Lilly?" Nya asks

"Surprisingly, not really... But I am excited!" I smile

"Yes, weddings are an extremely exciting time," Misako smiles also. After we finish getting our hair, makeup and nails done we rush off to the church. Lloyd and I are getting married at the same church that Nya and Jay got married at.

Nya helps me zip up the back of my dress. I look in the big mirror. My baby bump is still only little, you can barley tell I'm pregnant. Nya finishes getting into her long white dress. Nya's dress is white and flows to the ground, with a gold piece of fabric around the waist.

"Alright... Now I'm nervous..." I let out a light laugh and Nya smiles

"Lilly, you're going to be fine, the guys and I are going to make sure this day is perfect," she reassures me. I smile and nod a thank you.

We soon hear a knock on the door. Misako opens it and I see my dad

"Are you ready Lilly?" He asks

"As ready as I'll ever be" I smile "but, dad, there's something I should tell you first..." I walk to him

"What is it Lilly?"

"Dad... I'm pregnant," I wait for his reaction

"Lilly, this is amazing!" He hugs me and then whispers "your mother would be so happy..."

After that, Nya and Jackson went to stand beside the arch and Misako went to sit in the crowd. Gwen wanted to be the flower girl, so she and Felix are behind my dad and I. Felix holds the rings and Gwen holds a cute little basket of flower petals

"Are you alright Lilly?" My father asks

As I say "yes" the music begins playing.

The doors open and my dad, Felix, Gwen and I begin walking down the isle. The guys' are Lloyd's groomsmen and Nya is my maid of honour.

We soon get to the arch and my dad sits down. Nya stands behind me as I stand facing Lloyd.

The priest blesses our marriage, he then asks

"Lloyd, do you take this woman, to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do"

"And Lilly, Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do"

Felix walks up to the priest before he even asks for the rings

"Thank you"

We exchange rings and the priest says "you may now kiss the bride."

Lloyd wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me gently in for a kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck and I hear lots of cheering, applauding and screaming.

When we pull away Lloyd smiles and picks me up bridal style and I laugh as he carries me back down the isle and out the doors. The others smile and chase us down the isle and into the shiny, black limo.

~Time Skip to the wedding reception~

It's dark outside as everyone stands in the giant ballroom. The cake has been cut and Nya and I are currently eating some of it. Cole has already eaten about five pieces of cake.

"So Lilly, how does it feel to be married?" Nya asks

"Uh... It doesn't feel all that different..." I answer, she laughs

"No, it really doesn't"

After a while we bump into Gwen, Jackson and Felix

"Mommy, we're tired..." Gwen yawns

"Yeah, is the Bounty here?" Jackson asks

"No, I'm sorry buddy, there isn't anywhere for you three to sleep" Nya kneels down. Felix tugs at my dress, I look down to him

"What is it Felix?" I ask

"Uh, Lloyd is drinking that fizzy stuff with the others again..." Felix looks to the floor

"Yeah, daddy and the others are acting weird..." Gwen looks to them. We follow her gaze and see the guys, minus Zane, laughing and joking with each other

"Did any of you drink the fizzy stuff?" I ask

"No, Zane told us not to." Jackson answers innocently

"It's good to know that at least one of them isn't being an idiot..." Nya sighs

We continue to talk and eventually my dad finds his way to us

"Sweetie, I'm going to head home" he says

"Alright dad, thanks for coming" I hug him

"I wouldn't miss this for the world" we release and he heads out of the building.

We talk and laugh all night long, eventually taking the kids back to the monastery.

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