I've Failed

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'Lloyd's POV'

Two days have past. Lilly's been really distant from everyone since they took Felix. She doesn't eat, doesn't speak, she hasn't been able to sleep; she's been having horrible nightmares. Sensei says that he thinks she's falling quickly into depression, I don't doubt that.

When I walk into our room, she isn't there...

"Lilly!" I call and rush out of the room. The first place I check is Ari's room. Sure enough, there she is.

'Lilly's POV'

Ari hasn't been able to sleep well since the Evils' took Felix. Tonight is no exception.

I sit on his bed, cradling him in my arms

"Mom, are we ever going to get Felix back...?" He asks, tears beginning to form in his eyes. I find myself unable to answer. I'm the one who's supposed to be able to destroy the Evils'... But I don't know how...

"Of course we will." I hear Lloyd's voice and look up to him. He sits on the bed next to Ari and I, he then proceeds to put his arm around my shoulders and hug us close to himself.

I feel like crying, I feel like a failure...

"B-but... I can't..." I whisper, letting tears fall down my cheeks.

"Shh... We'll figure something out." He pets down my hair. We're supposed to attack tomorrow, first thing in the morning...

"Mommy, don't cry. I know you can do it." Ari looks up to me white his big, green eyes. I smile a little at his words, he believes in me...

"Alright, it's time for bed." Lloyd slowly takes Ari from my arms and places him into his bed

"Goodnight mommy. Goodnight daddy." His eyes flutter shut as I stand up

"Goodnight Ari." Lloyd walks out of the room. I follow silently, closing the door behind me.

Once we arrive in our own room, I collapse into our bed. The battle is tomorrow. What am I gonna do..?

~In The Morning~

My father came to get all of the kids earlier this morning. There was nowhere else that was safe for them to stay, since Sensei, Misako and Garmadon are coming with us.

By the crack of dawn, everyone is ready to go and standing outside the monastery doors.

Nya is in her Samurai X suit while the rest of us pile onto the Ultra Dragon, or into the Ultra Sonic Raider.

"Is everyone ready?" Sensei asks

"Yes Sensei," we answer in unison


As we begin to fly, everyone screams;

"Ninja Go!!!!"

We soon arrive at the Evils' hideout. We sneak in and are soon at the glass-ceilinged room where the guys and I were kept years ago.

"This is to easy!" An Evil cackle rings out, all of the Evil Ninja emerge from the shadows... I see Felix and look away

Everyone gets into a fighting stance

"You always take the bait, Ninja." Evil Cole smirks

"Don't you know your already to late?" Evil Lloyd puts his hand on Felix's shoulder

I refuse to cry... There has to be some way to make him good again... There has to!

"Why did you do this?!" I ask, without looking up

"Oh, my dear Lilly. You act like you don't know a thing about me..." He walks to me and forces me to look into his eyes "we're going to kill him, and there's nothing you can do about it." He  smirks wickedly

"What...?" Felix's lifeless purple eyes widen

"Oh, did we forget to tell you?" Evil Kai takes him by the arm

"No! Don't touch him!!" Lloyd tackles his Evil to the ground. The others immediately go for their Evil

"Felix!" I run to him

"Don't touch me! I'm not the same kid you took as your son!" He screams

"Yes, you are. You're still the same little boy who I saved from the fire all those years ago." I look him straight in the eyes. I see his eyes flash blue for only a second

"I don't want you to get hurt... Mom..." He averts his eyes

"Lilly, watch out!" I turn around and see Evil Lloyd approaching me. Lloyd is laying on the floor, not able to move due to a large gash on his side. Sensei is crouched down beside him

"Here!" Nya quickly throws me one of Lloyd's katanas. I catch it and am just able to defend myself from Evil Lloyd's sword of darkness.

As I fight, I see each guy get hit down by his Evil. The Evils' are truly powerful. As the other four approach me, I find that it's getting harder to protect myself and Felix

"Nya!" I call out and nod to her. She nods, flies over the Evils' and picks up Felix in her Samurai suit's hand.

Sensei, Garmadon and Misako fight off the Evils' as well as they can, but even they are no match.

Felix wiggles out of Nya's grasp and tries to run over to me. I scream out as I continue to struggle against Evil Lloyd

"Felix!!! No!!" All of the other four Evils' raise a glowing sword. He isn't fast enough. They're going to...

"NO!!!" I push Evil Lloyd away from my body and run to Felix. I'm to late. Evil Cole shoves his sword into Felix's chest. He pulls it out slowly

"Felix..." I collapse next to his body. All of the others are suffering and loosing blood. They even managed to get Nya out of her suit and harm her.

I hear Evil Lloyd walk up behind me. Anger fills my body, I begin to shake violently.

My body bursts into light-like flames. I stand and grab the blade of the sword that was just flying towards my head. Evil Lloyd's eyes widen as I throw his sword to the ground

"You killed him... You killed my son!!"

"He isn't your son, Lilly, he's an orphan." Evil Lloyd smirks at me, almost like he doesn't believe that I'm not going to stop until I kill him

"Don't you ever call him that! He is my son!" I throw him to the ground. For the first time ever, Evil Lloyd looks frightened

The other four attack me, but their attacks are weak, they don't hurt me. I shoot light at Evil Zane, he can't fully avoid it and it hits his shoulder. Pure black blood pours out of his shoulder.

I know what I must do. I hold my arms together and create the biggest ball of light that I've ever made before.

"Now, you will die!" I let it go and it turns all five Evils into dark, black blood, their bodies were destroyed. They couldn't have survived that, I hit them right through the heart with pure light.

The adrenaline drains from my body and I collapse beside Felix's pale, lifeless body. Tears spill from my eyes. He lays in a puddle of dark red blood.

I touch his cheek carefully. All of the memories of him come racing back to me. The most prominent memory is the first time that we met. When I saved him from the fire.

I wish I could have saved him...

I wish I could have saved everyone...

I look around to my unconscious friends. Why couldn't I have figured out what I had to do before everyone got hurt?!

This is my fault...

Everyone's going to die, and it's all my fault...

I've failed...

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