The Big Day

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'Lilly's POV'

The day of the wedding finally came. We found Felix a cute little tuxedo that matches the guys'. The wedding is in six hours, while the wedding reception is later tonight.

Nya, Misako the guys and I are in a salon in town. The guys are only getting their hair done, while Nya, Misako and I are getting our hair, makeup and nails done

"Lilly, I'm so nervous... and excited!!" Nya looks at me

"Nya, everything is going to be fine" I smile, she smiles and leans back in her chair.

After we're done in the salon its 12:00 and there's only two hours until the wedding. The guys didn't take as long getting their hair done and Felix was getting bored, so they went and picked up their tuxedos

"Do you think we've got time for lunch, I'm starving" Nya says and rubs her little baby bump

"We've always got time for lunch" I laugh

"We had better make it quick, the boys will be waiting" Misako points out

"Can you walk and eat at the same time" I ask Nya

"Of course I can" she smiles.

We get something to eat and rush to the church, where they're getting married. We go to the dressing rooms in the back and get ready

"Lilly... it's really happening, I'm getting married" Nya exclaims and stands in front of me

"I know! I'm so happy for you Nya!" I yell and zip up the back of her dress. She turns around

"Do I look okay?" She asks nervously

"You look amazing Nya, don't worry about anything" I tell her

"Are you ready Nya" Misako asks, walking to the door

"Yes, I am" she answers. We walk out to the huge doors, Kai stands there, looking nervous. He's walking her down the isle

"Whoa, you look amazing Nya" he smiles and takes her arm

"Thanks Kai" she laughs.

Misako goes out and sits in the audience. I stay behind and wait with Felix, I'm walking with him behind Nya and Kai.

The music starts and the doors open. Kai and Nya walk down the isle, Felix and I behind them.

All of the guys are Jay's groomsmen and I'm Nya's maid of honour. They get to the arch and she stands in front of Jay, Kai stands beside the others

The priest blesses their marriage and then asks the question

"Jay, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" He asks

"I do" Jay answers

"Nya, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" He asks Nya

"I do" she answers

"May I have the rings" the priest asks Felix, he looks a little shy but he walks up and gives them to him "thank you young man"

Nya and Jay exchange rings and look into each others eyes

"You may now kiss the bride" the priest says. Jay lifts Nya's vail and kisses her

The crowd cheers and I see Kai shed a tear or two. After the kiss Jay picks Nya up and caries her down the isle. The crowd cheers and follows them out the doors and to the limo waiting for them.

I pick up Felix so he can see over the crowd

"Lilly, let's go" Lloyd says and grabs my hand, the one that's not holding Felix. I get in the limo with the guys and Nya

"Nya!!" I scream and hug her as best as I can

"Congratulations to both of you" Sensei says as he gets into the limo with Misako and Garmadon

"Time for cake!" Cole shouts, everyone laughs

"Nya, you cannot drink" Zane points out

"I know, but I might be one of the only ones to remember the night" she continues the train of laughter.

-------------Later that night--------------

The speeches were made and the cake was cut. Its about 9:00pm now and pretty much everybody has started drinking. Cole has eaten about 3 pieces of cake and drank about 5 glasses of red wine. The other three aren't much better. Zane is the only one who's sober still

I'm talking with Nya when Felix runs up to me

"Illy!! Lloyd wants me to drink this fizzy stuff. Can I try it" he asks innocently

"Ya sure Felix" I answer the blue eyed boy, not thinking much of it. It's after Felix runs off that it hits me: Lloyd isn't sober enough to know not to let Felix drink. Lloyd is going to let Felix drink alcohol!!

"Nya!" I scream and panic

"What?!" She asks

"No! Lloyds gonna let Felix drink alcohol! Where'd they go?!" I ask her

"Lilly! We've gotta find them!" She yells. We push through the crowd and begin to look. In minutes we find Felix and the guys. Felix is just about to take a sip of the fizzy liquid

"Felix!" I shout, he stops and looks at me "don't drink that" I say as Nya and I rush over

"Guys! You can't let a little kid drink!" Nya shouts

"Why not? He's gonna do it someday..." Kai says tipsily

"But that day is not going to be today" I say and take the drink away from Felix

"why are you such a buzzkill babe" Lloyd asks and walks over to me

"Which one of you idiots let Lloyd drink" I ask. They all point at Jay

"Nya, your wedding is like a big party" Cole says and holds his arms out to emphasize the 'big' part

"I know" she laughs "I will admit, this is awesome" she smiles at me

"I agree completely" I say as Lloyd plays with my hair, I smack his hand and he stops. Garmadon, Sensei and Misako find us and walk over

"Everybody act natural!" Kai shouts. They all strike the most unnatural pose ever. Nya and I face palm while Felix watches them, he looks confused as to why their acting this way

"Hey, how's it goin'" Jay asks awkwardly

"Mom! Dad!" Lloyd yells and hugs them

"What happened to them" Sensei asks

"Okay, you can let go now Lloyd" Misako says and try's to pry Lloyd off of herself

"The affects of alcohol has caused them to act this way Sensei" Zane answers

"Who let my son drink?" Garmadon asks

"Jay..." Nya says and looks at him

"Why am I not surprised" Sensei sighs

"Illy... I'm tired" Felix yawns

"Lilly, the bounty is out back if you want to go put him to sleep" Misako says, Lloyd still hugging her

"Ya, I think I will" I say and pick up the small brunette

"I'll come with you" Nya says and follows me. I carry Felix out into the cold of the night, I see Nya shiver.

When we get into the Bounty Felix is already half asleep in my arms. I walk into his room and set him on his bed

"Goodnight Felix" I say and kiss his forehead

"Goodnight Illy" he whispers sleepily. Nya lets out an 'aww' as I close the door to his room

"Are you ready to go back outside and put up with those drunk idiots" I smile

"I can't wait to tell them how stupid they acted tomorrow" she smirks

"I like the way you think" I smirk with her

And with that we walk back to the guys and laugh the night away.

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