Elemental Powers

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'Lilly's pov'

I wake up to the loud sound of a gong being hit like, I'm gonna guess five million times. I roll over in bed and pull my pillow up against my ear so the gong isn't so loud, that works until someone starts to shake me I squirm trying to get out of their grasp, that doesn't work so I sit up to see that Lloyd was the one shaking me "what time is it" I ask very groggily "hmmmm" he said looking at his wrist like he had a watch on "about 5 o'clock" he finally answered.

I groaned and pulled myself out of bed "I'll wait for you on the sky deck" he said leaving Nya and I's room "your loud" said Nya getting up "thanks" I said pulling my hair into a high ponytail, she laughs a bit "hey Nya, what should I wear to this 'temple' thing?" I ask "oh ya! Lilly, sensei dropped off your ninja outfit" she says holding up a yellow ninja suit "I wonder what element I got" I wonder out loud Nya shrugs and hands it to me "are you coming with us?" I ask getting on my outfit "sorry, sensei said I'm not allowed to come" she tells me and I sigh and look in the mirror "I'm ready" I state.

I walk out to the sky deck, ninja suit on and my long ponytailed hair blowing in the wind "ready to go?" I ask feeling all eyes fall on me "you look nice" cole says "thanks bro" I say flipping my bangs out of my eyes "ya you do" Lloyd says just loud enough to be heard I blush a little at this "ok" said sensei "boys you all have your means of transportation, correct?" "Yes sensei" they all say "Lilly you will be riding the ultra dragon with Lloyd" sensei tells me I glanced quickly at Lloyd and say "ok" with a nod.

We landed on a patch of grass in the woods I hopped off the bounty and over to the dragon, I put a hand on one of the dragons four heads and he nuzzled up to me it tickled and I started to laugh "he must like you, he's usually more timid around new people" Lloyd who was standing behind me says "animals have always liked her" cole calls I turn around and the dragon nudges me forward and I fall (get pushed by a dragon) into Lloyd.

The dragon takes his nose off my back, I stand up, turn around and give the dragon a death stare. I turn back to Lloyd, a huge blush on his cheeks "shouldn't we get going now!!" Yells Kai very impatiently "ya let's go!!" Jay wines.

Lloyd helps me onto the dragon "I'm gonna teach you how to steer him because you might be getting your own" he tells me "I'm getting a dragon!!!!!" I scream "hey, I said might" he laughs.

'Lloyd's pov'

I tell her all of the basics about riding a dragon and let her take the reins. She's amazing, doing flips and spins "your a natural!!" I yell to her "thanks!! I learned from the best!!!" She yells back 'why do I feel all weird around her' I think.

She landed us by a mountain "now what?" Lilly asked, a confused look on her face "now, we climb" sensei states Lilly grins and the rest of us groan "let's have some friendly competition, shall we?" she asks

"ok" says Kai "winner gets tomorrow off from training and looser has to..." "Do the dishes for a month!!" Jay finishes for him "don't think I'm gonna go easy on you newbie" I tease her "I'm not afraid" she tells me "Lilly no offence but I have a feeling your going to loose,I mean we are all highly trained ninjas" Jay explains "sensei count us down!!" Lilly demands "ok, ready!...set!...GOOOO!!!" sensei yells and we all start to climb, Lilly is really fast and the guys can't keep up and even I'm starting to fall behind.

I pull all of my strength together and speed past her to the top, she gets up not long after me "UGH!!!! I almost had you!!!" she yelled smiling "ready to admit that I'm the best yet?" I asked "You wish, I don't give up that easily" she said putting her hands on her hips and grinning.

Lilly looks past me to something, I turn to see my mom "mom!" I say running up to her and giving her a hug. I bring mom over to Lilly "Hi, I'm Lilly" Lilly introduces herself "hello Lilly, I'm Misako, Lloyd's mother" mom introduces herself. I then see dad and so does mom "oh Garmadon, this is Lilly" says mom "hi Lilly" dad says shaking her hand "hey" she replies. the guys finally start to get up off of the cliff and Jay comes in last Lilly turns "ha! Jay has to do the dishes for a week! And who thought I was going to loose" Lilly teases. "Ya ya, so who came in first" Jay asks curiously "who do you think" Lilly says "aw, you did good kid" Kai says patting Lilly on the back, Lilly swats his hand and says "I'm NOT a kid" she stares at Kai with eyes that could kill a grown man "Lloyd?" mom asks "ya" I answer "your father and I are coming to stay at the bounty for a bit" she says and I hug her very excitedly.

I turn to Lilly "ready to get your true potential?" I ask "let's do this!" she yells throwing her fist in the air. We walk into the temple and she stands in the middle of the room under a big glass piece in the roof the guys and I go to the five corners and figure out witch one is ours out of the five, when we all get to our corners a light shines down on Lilly lifting her up, her hair comes out of the ponytail and falls in loose curls and her bangs stay straight, her suit changes to one more like the guys and I's. 'She's beautiful... I've got that weird feeling again I've never felt like this before' I think to myself. A loud voice interrupts my thoughts "YOU LILLY ARE THE NINJA OF LIGHT!" the voice booms and Lilly comes gracefully to the ground.

'Lilly's pov'

My feet hit the ground with a soft thud. We walk out of the temple and see Garmadon and Misako staring in awe, Misako comes up to me "you look amazing" she states touching one of the curls in my hair"thanks" I thank her with a warm smile we all make our way back down the mountain.

When we get to the bottom sensei gives Misako and Garmadon a hug and asks "so who will not be training tomorrow?" "goldie over there" I tell him "ah, and who will be doing dishes for the next month" he also questions "Jay" I point at him with a huge smirk plastered across my face "Jay, I thought you said Lilly was going to loose" sensei said with a small smile "she's really fast sensei" he defends himself and I laugh kind of loudly "what are you laughing about, you have to train tomorrow" Lloyd asked coming over to me "hey that wasn't very fair, I mean your the ultimate Spinjitzu master" I stated "I told you I wasn't going to go easy on you rookie " he told me looking deep into my eyes "rookie this!!!" I said as I tackle him to the ground pinning his hands with one hand and strataling his torso I throw my fist up in victory "I WIN!" I yell"bad idea" he says, throws me off himself and tackles me "who wins?" he asks me, smirking "not me" I say trying to hide my smile.

He gets off of me and helps me up "I really thought that I had you there" I tell him "you just need some practice, that's all" he tells me. The guys, sensei, Misako and Garmadon who watched it all, had some different reactions: Jay is giggling, Zane looks confused, Cole and Kai give looks of suspicion, Misako has one of those 'that was so sweet' looks and Garmadon and Sensei just kind of stare at me than Lloyd than me again and so on and so forth.

All of the staring seemed to go on for ever when sensei says "shall we be going then?" we all nod. When we get back Nya and I get into pyjamas and I tell her everything and I mean everything every little little detail. Eventually we both fall asleep.

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