Double Trouble

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A/N: Sorry for all the big time skips in this chapter.

'Lilly's POV'

For six months after that night both Felix and Lloyd had dreams of the 'Six Figures In The Darkness' and no matter what we tried we couldn't get the nightmares to stop.

It's a beautiful morning and the guys and I are training outside while Nya and Felix do something inside.

Not long after we begin Misako rushes out to us

"Jay, we must get Nya to the hospital, the baby is coming!" She exclaims

"What?! She's not due for two more weeks!" Jay screams

"Jay, let's go!" I yell and we all rush inside. When we get to Nya she's hyperventilating

"We must get her to the hospital at once" and with that we get Nya into the Ultra Sonic Raider and they drive away. Lloyd, Garmadon, Misako, Felix and I fly to the hospital on the Ultra Dragon.

We run into the waiting room and see Cole and Zane sitting in the chairs attached to the wall

"Is she alright?" I ask

"We're not sure yet" Cole answers... I hate hospitals... They bring back bad memories... This is where I found out my mother was dead and my father might die too...

Felix, who was quiet up until now asks "what's going on?" As we sit in the chairs beside Zane and Cole

"Nya's having her baby" I answer

"Yes, and I'm sure Jay's panicking right now" Lloyd smiles, we all laugh.

We sit in the waiting room for hours, just waiting to hear anything about how Nya's doing. I jump up with Felix in my arms as a doctor walks to us

"Are you all with Nya and Jay Walker?" He asks

"Yes!" I answer

"She has requested that you come and see her" he smiles "follow me" we all jump up and follow him to a room down a long white hall. The doctor opens the door and we see Kai, Nya and Jay...

I squeal when I see both Nya and Jay holding a baby! Nya's holding a baby wrapped in a blue towel, and Jay is holding a baby wrapped in a pink towel

"Nya, you had twins!" I smile happily

"Yeah, this is Gwendolyn and Jackson Walker" she smiles at me

"Congratulations" Misako smiles at the new parents

"Wow, twins" Lloyd looks lost for words

"Can I hold one?" Felix asks innocently

"Of course Felix" Jay answers. I sit Felix on the medical bed and Jay hands him Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn opens her eyes and smiles at Felix "she smiled at me! Illy! She smiled at me!" Felix smiles happily

"She did" I smile too. Lloyd snakes an arm around my waist as I look at how happy everyone is. The doctor walks back into the room and we all turn to him

"Nya, if you are ready, you are able to be released from the hospital tonight" he says

"Alright, I'm ready to go" she smiles. Felix hands Gwendolyn to Jay and I pick Felix up.

That night we find another crib to go in the babies' room. For a few months everyone is happy and excited, but all good things must come to an end...

As I tuck Felix into bed I feel a cold hand touch my shoulder. I turn around and come face to face with.... Myself? A paler version of myself stares at me

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