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'Felix's POV'

When I wake up in the morning illy is gone, I go out to the training deck and see her training with the guys, illy is shooting at targets "illy" I call softly "morning Felix, I made you breakfast, it's in the bridge with Nya, Sensei, Grmadon and Misako" she tells me coming over and ruffling my hair "thanks illy" I say running up the stairs.

'Lilly's POV'

I watch Felix run up the stairs "I think you're gonna be a great mother" Kai says as I walk back over to them "and why do you think that" I ask "because you're great with kids" Jay chimes in "ya I'm great with kids until those kids start being bad" I say with a laugh and the guys laugh too "ok back to training" Cole says and Lloyd and I shoot at targets again.

'Felix's POV'

I get to the bridge and at the end of the table is a bowl of porridge "mmmmm" I say picking it up and smelling it, I sit down at my seat and Nya passes the brown sugar to me, I take the biggest spoon full possible and dump it on my porridge "are we sure that he's not Lloyd's son" Garmadon jokes and the other three laugh a little "yes we're sure" Misako laughs lightly "what?" I ask "nothing, young one" sensei says to me and I shrug and go back to eating my porridge.

After I finish my breakfast I ask if I can watch illy and the guys train and Nya says I can, I run half way down the stairs but my foot misses one of the stairs and I fall the rest of the way, landing on my side, my head hits the ground hard and the world starts to spin.

'Lilly's POV'

I hear a loud thump sound and turn to see Felix laying on the ground crying. I run to him and he's bleeding pretty badly "Felix" I say picking the small child up in my arms, getting blood all over my ninja kimono, and taking him to the medical room "Kai! go get sensei" I hear Cole yell "no it's ok I've go it!" I yell as I walk through the door "illy my head hurts" Felix says "I know, your gonna be ok" I say setting him on one of the beds and wetting a cloth, I slowly and carefully wipe the blood off of his face, I find the cut and it's not a small cut, but he won't need stitches "
"well it doesn't look like your going to need stitches" I say getting the first aid kit and I hear him breath in relief.

I get out some gauze and medical tape and patch up the wound, after I patch it I wrap his forehead with gauze to make sure that the patch stays in one spot "Felix I'm gonna go see if sensei has any pain reducers, try not to fall asleep" I tell him walking out of the room and up to the bridge

"Hey Lilly, what's up" Nya asks "well Felix fell down the stairs and he says that his head hurts so I came to see if we have any pain reducers that are child friendly" I say "he fell down the stairs" Garmadon asks raising an eyebrow "ya why" I ask "now I definitely think that he's Lloyd's son" Garmadon chuckles and I give him a dirty look "so, do we sensei" I ask "no we do not have children's medicine" sensei says "can I run to town and buy some" I ask "I think I can allow that" sensei says smiling " I turn to Misako "um Misako can you come with me... I don't exactly know what kind of medicine to buy" I say sheepishly "of course I'll come" she says getting up and walking over "I call driving the ultra dragon!" I yell running out to the training deck

I signal the dragon with my powers and in a matter of minutes he's here "are you a safer driver than Lloyd" Misako asks "well......" I don't exactly answer "oh lord" she breathes as she hops on the dragon, I climb on too and we ride into town, landing by a forest "wow, you are definitely safer than Lloyd" Misako smiles at me "ya I had to hold back, usually I'm a more dangerous flyer" I say as we walk into the pharmacy.

When we get out we have children's headache medicine and children's sleep medicine, just in case he has trouble sleeping tonight.

When we get back I go down to Felix and I see Lloyd by the bed that I put Felix in, I walk in quietly "illy" Felix says weakly "Lilly he's loosing blood" Lloyd says looking to me worriedly, I look at Felix and his eyes flutter shut "Lloyd keep him awake! I'll go get sensei!" I yell throwing the medicine down and running to the bridge "sensei!" I yell "Lilly, what's wrong" sensei asks "sensei it's Felix, he's loosing blood" I panic and all of us run to the medical room.

When we get there sensei asks the guys me and Nya to leave the room. I refuse "I won't leave him!" I say and sensei nods to the guys, Cole and Kai grab my arms and try to force me out of the room "let me go!" I yell, throwing my arms around and trying to get out of they're grasp "c'mon Lilly" Cole urges "no!" I yell as Lloyd comes and helps them get me out of the room, I might be able to struggle against two of them but I'm no match for three.

When they manage to get me out I hear the door being locked, I push the three guys off of me "Lilly calm down" Kai says "I can't! Sensei said that Felix is my responsibility, and I failed" I say crying into my hands "Lilly you didn't fail, that kid loves you like family" Lloyd says "what" I ask looking up "ya, when I was in the room with him he kept asking where you were" Lloyd says, I smile but cry harder, Nya pats my back and I turn and cry into her shoulder.

A while after, Misako pokes her head out the door and motions for me to come in, I walk in and she closes the door behind us "illy" Felix says and I walk over to him, he looks tired "yes Felix" I prompt "don't leave me" he says "I won't" I say feeling a fresh wave of tears sting at my eyes, "is he ok" I ask turning to Misako, Garmadon and Sensei "yes, he will be fine, just extremely tired" Misako says "what did I do wrong" I ask "what you did wrong is not as important as what you did right; you stopped the bleeding for a good amount of time" Garmadon says "we just had to put a few stitches in to close the cut" sensei says and I nod
"Illy" Felix says "ya" I ask turning to him "your the best mom ever" he says, closing his eyes, I feel tears run down my cheeks 'I'm not his mom but he still thinks of me as one....Lloyd was right' I think as I feel a hand on my shoulder I look up and see Misako "I agree with Felix, Lilly" she says and I laugh a little "but I.... I didn't even know what to do when he hit his head, he could have died because of me" I say still crying "but he didn't die, he didn't die because you did know what to do" she says and I hear voices from outside

One of the voices says "Lloyd and Lilly sitting in a tree-" that's Jay, he gets cut off "shut up!" That's Lloyd, I face palm and blush uncontrollably "what did Lloyd do" I mumble to myself, than the whole group joins in "Lloyd and Lilly sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" they yell and Jay continues "first comes love then comes marriage then comes-" he gets cut off again "we can stop there" that's Cole and Zane finishes "I do not understand" they all laugh, my cheeks go even redder as Garmadon, sensei and even Misako laugh.

I go to the door and open it "how is he Lilly?" Nya asks, seemingly unaware of the four giggling guys behind her "he's getting better" I smile and look over my shoulder to the sleeping boy "Lilly, try not to get to attached to him, his aunt and uncle are going to fly in tomorrow and take him back across the country with them" Kai says. I know what he says is true, but I just can't face the fact that I will have to hand Felix to two people that I've never even met

"Ya, I...... I know" my voice cracks and I feel like crying again "c'mon, you should get to bed, it's been a long day" Lloyd says and walks toward me "no, I'm staying with Felix tonight" I say and turn to walk back into the room, someone grabs my arm and I turn around "Lilly, I know this is gonna be hard for you, but we're all gonna be there for you tomorrow" Nya says with a warm smile "thank you" I smile and hug her tightly.

When we release I walk into the room and sit beside Felix's bed on the floor. Before long I fall asleep, forgetting the troubles of the day.

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