Felix Garmadon

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'Lilly's POV'

The next week passed quickly. In that week I had gone for my, now monthly, doctors appointment to see how the baby's doing.

We'd also moved Lloyd's stuff into my room, as we are going to be sharing a room from now on. That leaves his old room empty for the baby.

Lloyd, Felix and I walk into the adoption agency. We walk to the lady sitting at the front desk. She looks to us

"Hello, um, we made an appointment for today" I say quickly

"Names?" She questions

"Lloyd and Lilly Garmadon" I answer

"Alright, if you three would sit down I'll go get Tina" she stands up and walks into a door on the other side of the room

A few minutes later she walks out the door, being followed by a redheaded girl, who I assume is Tina

"Mr. and Mrs. Garmadon" she calls. Felix, Lloyd and I stand up "hi, I'm Tina, I'll be the one helping you adopt this child today. Please, follow me to my office." We follow her down a few halls and into a nice, bright office. We sit down and she starts explaining how this is going to work.

At the end of her explanation she asks Felix "are you absolutely sure that you want these two to be your adoptive parents?"

Lloyd and I look to Felix, who is sitting on Lloyd's lap "Yes, I am positive" he answers

"Alright," Tina smiles "I need you to sign here, here, here and here" she gives both me and Lloyd pens and gets us to sign a bunch of papers

"Congratulations, you are now legally the parents of Felix Garmadon" Felix squeals happily and hugs Lloyd tightly. He then runs over and hugs me

We walk out of Tina's office "thank you" I smile at her

"It was my pleasure" she hugs me, it surprises me at first, but I find myself hugging her back "congratulations".

We soon arrive back at the monastery and Nya's waiting for us at the door. As soon as she sees us she smiles and hugs us

"Congratulations Lilly"

"Thank you Nya"

She then releases and I see Cole

"There's my new nephew!" Cole throws Felix into the air and the brunette giggles wildly.

There is lots of congratulation that night, but Lloyd and I are happy to have Felix finally belong to us.

Felix has begun to call me mom, and Lloyd dad.

The next few months pass without any problems, I'm now six months pregnant, and things had been going really well... Until that night...

I walk into Felix's room to put him to bed. That's when I see him; Evil Lloyd stands in the shadows of Felix's room

"Felix! Come here, now!" I scream. He jumps up and runs to me, hugging my leg

"What is it mom?" He asks, he then proceeds to follow my gaze to Evil Lloyd

"Felix, go find the others!" I never move my eyes from Evil Lloyd

"Dad!" Felix calls as he runs away from his room

"Lilly, I see you're going to be a mother again" he reveals himself "how nice"

"What do you want from me Evil Lloyd?"

"Oh dear, you know what I want." he runs towards me.

'Lloyd's POV'

Felix runs into the living room, screaming for me

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