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The New Ninja by Lia_Ninja1
The New Ninjaby Lia_Ninja1
Cole has been keeping a secret from the others since he became a ninja. What is this secret you ask? Well, Cole has been keeping his sister, Lilly, a secret for years. ...
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come home by planthgurl
come homeby agatha
[ ninjago x reader ! ] how can someone be so careless of their past, that they cease to look back on it. but as history usually does to those who abandon, it comes back...
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A Bittersweet Mystreet by Miuushi
A Bittersweet Mystreetby Miuushi
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these characters! All of them belong to Aphmau. The cover image isn't mine either. This is purely fanfiction, and I hope everyone who read...
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Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by miss-fanfictions
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenariosby miss-fanfictions
This includes! Gene~ Dante~ Laurence~ Travis~ Vylad~ Zane~ Aaron~
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Zane-Chan Oneshots   by findyourimxginxtion
Zane-Chan Oneshots by Zane
Zane-Chan Oneshots. Fluff no smut sorry :) Requests open
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Music Girl♡Reader insert♡ by SwagMastaSuga
Music Girl♡Reader insert♡by Emde💯
♢Emerald Secret♢ 💖MyStreet💖 Y/N Lycan was Aaron's little sister,She likes magic like lucinda,like reading,Music,sweets,Combat,MLH,She likes everything(byt not on your...
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Despite Our Differences by cruxhy
Despite Our Differencesby cruxhy
A zane~chan fanfic ✨ Kawaii~chan works at a small coffee shop and meets Zane a pretty interesting person while serving.
the mer boy 🧜‍♂️🧜‍♂️ Garrence/danvis/Zane~chan by garrence4lifeeeeee
the mer boy 🧜‍♂️🧜‍♂️ Garrence/ Carmel
do not read this sucks 😞 I just wanted to do something like this so ya read at your own risk
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Zane~Chan by Vicki3224
Zane~Chanby I’m new at this lmao
This story is about my favorite ship on my street Zane and Kawaii~Chan
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the butterfly effect | l. garmadon by samseaa
the butterfly effect | l. garmadonby poopie 💫
Some love stories don't start out with lingering stares and flirting. Some love stories start out with the girl hitting the guy on the head with a skateboard. [Lloyd Ga...
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Aphmau Lemons (Boy x Boy) by TiredOwl
Aphmau Lemons (Boy x Boy)by DespairNerd
This is pretty much dirty fanfiction written by a fujoshi. If you don't like homosexuality or smut then stay away.
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The Forbidden Elemental (Ninjago x Reader) by ArisuraShirogane
The Forbidden Elemental (Ninjago Bingoong123
There was once a legend that when the the moon meets the sun and the light scatter, sacrifice have to be made. (Y/n) is just an ordinary orphan girl, but after encounter...
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Ninjago one shots by bear2710
Ninjago one shotsby Gummibearchen der Lebensenerg...
This is a one shot series about ninjago. My english is not the best so i hope it's okay. Request are open. I'll do requests and my own storys. I wanted to write my germa...
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Adoration: [Cole X Reader 3] by xoxoconstellations
Adoration: [Cole X Reader 3]by ✩ 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓈 ✩
[Final book to Alliance] Well this is it. Marriage. I found the one. But life throws curve balls faster than you can say "I do" and we're really in deep this...
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The New Girl (Mystreet X Reader) by the761_aarmaufan
The New Girl (Mystreet X Reader)by Rebecca Black
You are a Meifwa. You had run away from a life of abuse from your father, you find a new street to move onto. It's called Mystreet. You meet new people that quickly beco...
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Sugar Daddy by Ani-meow1200
Sugar Daddyby Tobi
Zane is just a lonely crossdresser that lives with his pet pig. Travis is a rich drug lord looking for someone to spend his money on.
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How To Fake A Legacy: [Lloyd X Reader] by xoxoconstellations
How To Fake A Legacy: [Lloyd X ✩ 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓈 ✩
Some say that tea has the ability to heal the soul. Well, only certain teas grown by certain people. People like myself. Only those who are Oni can grow these teas with...
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The Purple Ninja (Lloyd x Reader) by Maximum_Violet
The Purple Ninja (Lloyd x Reader)by Akumu Evermore | アクム・エバーモア
Y/N L/N, the purple ninja, cousin of the Earth Ninja. Living in a home with only her abusive father is hard for her, and being bullied at school is even harder. But bein...
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Vlog Squad Imagines by mrsomalley13
Vlog Squad Imaginesby Mrs. George O'Malley
Imagines over the funniest people on the planet! Requests are OPEN
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oh, what a night by AnythingElseToAdd
oh, what a nightby c
It wasn't that Julia and David didn't get along. They used to be thick as thieves, back when they were younger and things in their friend group didn't get complicated. I...
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