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'Lilly's POV'

Felix stays in the hospital for a long time after that night. It's been two full months since we first checked Felix into the hospital. More and more complications arise as the days pass...

I wake up with a jolt, making me sit up in bed. I wipe my face, ridding it of the tears that ran down my cheeks.

I quietly get up and grab my sweater, making my way into the kitchen. I turn the lights on, get a glass of water and sit at the counter. I can't stop worrying about Felix, it seems that his condition is only getting worse...

I hold my head in my hands and sit there for a long while. Light footsteps break me away from my thoughts. I turn my head to find Misako standing in the doorframe

"I thought I'd heard you get up." She walks to the counter, stopping beside me

"Are things ever going to get better..?" I can't keep my voice from shaking

"Of course they will..." She rubs my back "Lilly, why don't we go see Felix, I'm sure that would help you get some sleep." She suggests

"Misako, it's three in the morning, are you sure-" she cuts me off

"I'm sure." She gives me a reassuring smile

"Thank you." I hug her as I stand up.

She drives us to the hospital. We make our way into Felix's room. He's sleeping peacefully in his bed, his heart monitor still hooked up to him.

I kneel beside him and gently touch his cheek. His eyes flutter open, they focus on me

"Felix." I smile softly

"Mom... Grandma..." He smiles back weakly, he cringes almost immediately after

"Mom... It hurts... Mom!.." He clutches his chest. His heart monitor begins beating quickly, then goes flat. Felix's body falls limp

"Felix!!! No, wake up!!!!" Doctors rush into the room, forcing us out "let me in!! Let me see him!!" I scream. Misako and a bunch of nurses force me into the waiting room

"Let me see him!!!... Let me see my son!!..." I thrash against them as hard as I can. I remember the first time people forced me away from Felix, when he hit his head.

"Lilly, please calm down!" Misako's panicked voice rings through my ears

"Let me see him... I need to see him..." My anger turns into exhaustion and terrible sadness, I fall to my knees, still whispering the same things over, and over, and over

Misako kneels next to me "Lilly, the others are on their way, and the doctors are doing everything that they can for Felix." She tells me, helping me off of the ground

"I can't do it... He can't die..." I sit in a chair and hold my head in my hands. Tears spill down my cheeks as Misako comforts me.

The others arrive within half an hour. I run into Lloyd's arms, he encases me in warmth, petting down my hair every so often

"Lloyd... What do I do..?" I ask through my tears

"Just try to relax." I can tell that he's close to tears

When we release Nya hugs me, she's also crying

"Have you heard about how he's doing?" She asks. All I can do is shake my head.

We sit down once more. All three kids are sleeping. Everyone tells me that everything's going to be fine... But I don't believe them...

No doctors or nurses come to tell us what's happened, but all of the nurses at the front desk look at us worriedly...

I silently make a wish;

Mother, I know you said you can't hear me anymore, but, please, there's one more think I need to ask of you... Please, don't let him die on me... Please...

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