Spin-Off: Felix and Jackson

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'Lilly's POV'

I lay in bed on my side, trying to overcome the awful feeling of morning sickness that has hit me.

The door opens slowly, and Lloyd enters, his socked feet making almost no noise.

"Good morning, beautiful," he kisses my forehead as I sit up

"Good morning," I take the mug of decaffeinated tea that he holds out to me, and take a sip

"Where are the boys?" I ask. Almost as if they were waiting for the question, Felix and Ari stomp through the door. They happily disturb the peaceful silence that enveloped the room only moments before.

"Good morning mommy!" Ari smiles as he jumps onto the bed, making me laugh lightly

"Morning mom, and little sibling," Felix hugs me, then hugs my large baby bump. I pet his hair as he gently presses his cheek against my belly.

"Are the two of you ready to go to school?" I ask, directing the question at the boys. Ari nods happily, while Felix frowns for a second before smiling as well.

"Mommy, will you come to the bus stop with us?" Ari asks, his eyes wide and hopeful

"Of course," I smile and crawl out of bed, walking through the house and to the end of the driveway with the boys. Nya stands with Jackson and Gwendolyn, smiling at us as we approach. The bus pulls up, and Jackson begins to cry.

"What's wrong, Jack?" Nya asks, kneeling down in front of the boy

"I don't wanna go mom, please don't make me!" Jackson cries harder, wrapping his arms around Nya.

"I'm sorry buddy, but you've got to go to school," she says, patting his back soothingly. Felix places his hand on Jackson's shoulder

"Jackson, come on, everything is going to be alright," he says, holding a hand out to the younger boy. Jackson nods his head, wipes his tears, and takes Felix's hand. They get on the bus.

"I don't know why he's been crying before school lately," Nya days as we walk back to the house

"Have you asked him if there's something going on?" I question

"Yeah, but he refuses to tell me what's wrong," she answers, a worried expression etching itself into her face.

"Don't worry Nya, I'm sure we'll figure it out," I put a hand on her shoulder and smile reassuringly.


It's almost noon. I sigh in defeat and pull yet another shirt off of my body. I've been trying to find something that will fit over my stomach for half an hour, and I still haven't found anything.

I pull a sundress out of my closet and put it over my head.


Just a little further...

Got it!

The dress slides over my stomach with little resistance. I sigh in relief as there is a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I call, the door opens, revealing a worried Pixal

"The school called, they said that they need to speak to the parents of Felix Garmadon and Jackson Walker," she says in a soft tone, and I see one of the girls behind her leg. Lloyd and Jay are at work, so Nya and I will have to go.

"Alright. Does Nya know?" I ask, looking for sandals to shove onto my feet.

"Yes, she is waiting downstairs," Pixal answers. I grab a pair of light brown sandals and shove my feet into them

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