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I wake up to the gong again, but this time I'm ready for it. I get up, change into my ninja outfit and run to the kitchen to see all of the guys eating "morning guys" I call to them "morning" they say in sync. They have a bowl set out for me at the table so I sit down and eat.

After breakfast we go out to the training deck and Jay does the dishes "so Lilly" Cole says "we're going to train you along the lines of how we trained Lloyd" "ok" I say as Kai hands me a blind fold.

'Lloyd's pov'

I am watching the guys train Lilly and I see the blind fold and get a huge smirk on my face. "Lilly you must learn not to rely on your eyes" Zane tells her "isn't that what eyes are for?" Lilly protests trying to get her blind fold on.

I seem to be the only one that notices she's struggling so I walk over and stop right behind her all of the guys are staring at us but I don't care and Lilly can't see them so I put my hands on her fumbling hands and that makes her pull her hands down and cross her arms in front of her "I could have done it myself" she tells me not even knowing it was me "no you couldn't" I tell her smirking "Lloyd, I thought you weren't training today?" she questioned "I'm watching" I replied "stalker" she mumbled smiling at me.

I walk back over to where I was standing before to watch "ok...go!!!" Jay yelled as they all slowly circled her, Kai lunged and she flip, jumped to the side making Kai run full force into Cole, knocking them both over, but they got back up. It was a long match but it ended up with Lilly pinned to the ground by not one but all four of them and she was still trying to get up "ok that was long" Kai says helping Lilly up and Lilly taking her blind fold off "I told you I don't give up easily" she says looking to me with a big smile.

'Misako's pov'

Nya, Garmadon, Wu and I where watching the guys train Lilly from the bridge. "She's very good" I say turning to the others "she is a fast learner, that's for shure" Garmadon says. I turn back around to the window to see Lloyd hand Lilly a sword, they must be sparing. Then Lloyd says something to Lilly and she giggles and blushes "Lilly and Lloyd are getting along well" I say turning back around to some weird expressions: Nya is smiling and sort of giggling, Garmadon looks at me like I just killed 10 people and Wu is looking at Nya like she knows something.

Just then we hear a loud "I WIN!!!!" come from out on the training deck "well, Lilly won something" Nya says "sparing" I tell her "say, Nya have you asked Lilly if she's coming to town with us tonight" I also ask "no I kind of just assumed that she was because everybody's coming, but I'll ask after there done training" she tells me "ok" I reply.

'Lilly's pov'

It's around 3 o'clock when we finish training. We all go up to the bridge and Nya comes up to me "Lilly go get changed everybody's going to town for a few hours" she asks me, more or less "ok" I say "but please don't make me spend 5 hours in a dress shop" "ok fine how about 20 minutes?" she asks " I think I can survive that" I say laughing "ok go get changed" she tells me "into what!?" I ask "something normal" she tells me "ok" I say walking out of the bridge and into Nya and I's room.

I throw on a pair of jeans and a purple hoodie, I pull my hair into a messy bun.

I walk onto the deck to see everybody in something sort of like what I have on, jeans and a hoodie or sweatshirt "one question, how do we get from here to down there?" I ask timidly "we... JUMP!!!!!" some one says to me grabbing my waist and pulling me off the bounty I cling onto his neck and shoulders and just when I think we're going to splat on the ground a golden dragon pops underneath us and sets us on the ground it's then that I realize that the one holding me was Lloyd I let go of his neck and check that ground is underneath us.

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