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Green Mistress | LloydxFEM!Reader by YaSi666
Green Mistress | LloydxFEM!Readerby YaSi
"Lego ninjago?" I rasp out, dragging my hand through the strands on my head. "Okay so a perfect match. A soulmate?" "Platonically..." Ther...
Promises (Ninjago's Kai x Reader) by wackywolf2003
Promises (Ninjago's Kai x Reader)by hannah
"Promise me something?" "Anything." "Promise me you wont turn evil again." "I wont make promises I cant keep." "Then promise...
Ninjago: One More Ninja by AriaLord
Ninjago: One More Ninjaby AriaLord
Aria Lord is the daughter of the Overlord, but instead of following in her father's evil footsteps she chose to stay with Sensei Wu and became a ninja. Aria is joined by...
My Princess | Fem!readerxLloyd by Yunita_Silver
My Princess | Fem!readerxLloydby Yunita_Silver
Y/n was a new princess of Ninjago City. Because of earlier events with Harumi not everyone likes her family and they quickly gain enemies. When someone finally tries to...
The ninja of wind by annon_author
The ninja of windby No one needs to know my name
Y/n gets invited to the tournament of elements with promises of finding out about her birth father. With her being the result of a one-night stand, and her mother knowin...
The Child of Silver by Rubyrose645
The Child of Silverby Rubyrose645
Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master using the four golden Elemental weapons, whose powers were far two great for one person to...
 green bean by littleLotus419
green beanby littleLotus419
I DID THE COVER THIS IS MY ART PLEASE DON'T CLAIM AS YOUR OWN⭐️ ANY OF MY ART I WILL LET YOU KNOW IT MINE BY a ⭐️ Lloyd has always been the shy type his friends/teammate...
Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios by HeartOfGold12
Ninjago Boyfriend Scenariosby Gryffindor
Ninjas x readers. If you want, send me requests for scenarios :) *COMPLETED*
The Master Of Gems by annon_author
The Master Of Gemsby No one needs to know my name
Lloyd x reader: master of gems y/n l/n is known as the master of gems. You know the myth that stones have auras? well she can amplify that aura and concentrate it to wea...
A Rose  by Any Other Name Lloyd x Reader by bbsmoltz
A Rose by Any Other Name Lloyd x...by KozumeKenma1
Y/n is Arin's older sister. After the Merge she's the only family Arin has left. When Arin and Sora get taken by the Imperium Empire she meets Lloyd. What could happen. ...
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Hidden Away || Ninjago AU by synchro_writer
Hidden Away || Ninjago AUby Fred-A-K-Dan
Lloyd is a high school student at Ninjago City High School. He is also the Green Ninja but no one knows that. The rest of his teammates don't either. Also being the son...
Always and Forever (Lloyd x Female Reader) by AreYouForReal54321
Always and Forever (Lloyd x Female...by AreYouForReal54321
(Y/N) was adopted by a loving couple after she was left at their doorstep on a stormy night. They cared for her and accepted her despite her destructive powers. But when...
Last One Standing (Cole Brookstone x Reader) by pip1111
Last One Standing (Cole Brookstone...by Pip
{Set in Season 4, Tournament of Elements} Y/n is a direct descendant of the Elemental Master of Crystallization. With the ability to form weaponry and armor at will, she...
Freedom for a Servitude by GMLWriter
Freedom for a Servitudeby GML
Lloyd encounters a tomb that is not shown on the map after being betrayed by the Hypnobrai. Upon opening the tomb, he meets (Y/N) (L/N). A different kind of serpentine...
☯☼🏮Ninjago: The Master of Crystal💎🏹✳ by boris_5382
☯☼🏮Ninjago: The Master of Crystal...by BorisNinjafan1
This story is about a girl named Coral. She is the Magenta Ninja and the Elemental Master of Crystal. She is recruited by Master Wu along with four other ninja to go on...
My Love In Green (Lloyd x Reader) by Morailsforlife246
My Love In Green (Lloyd x Reader)by Morailsforlife246
After the ninja defeat their latest enemy the city and villages are now at peace, the ninja with nothing to do they all decided that they were going to go back to teachi...
Together🫶 by jgotci
Together🫶by Dark Rose🌹
This takes place after dragons rising part 1. Lloyd and Harumi are reunited once again. But they are just friends. Lloyd has not moved on from the fact that Harumi broke...
Set in stone (Ninjago x Male reader) by MafuLuzx
Set in stone (Ninjago x Male reade...by Mafuluzx
Read. this. now. No pressure at all, am I right? (y/n) (l/n), The son of the late master of ice, but was taken in by Wu after his parents died. He has been trained stri...
Loveless (Lloyd Garmadon x Female Reader) by WTFanfiction
Loveless (Lloyd Garmadon x Female...by WTFanfiction
*New Cover* Y/n has the power of seduction. she can walk up to anyone and immediately make them fall in love with her. This may not sound like a useful power, but when y...
Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios by ShunsGirl
Ninjago Boyfriend Scenariosby R.M.Weasley
This is your love story with the ninja. This is my first story so I hope you like it. Enjoy REQUESTS ARE OPEN #455 in Romance | 11.03.2018 #441 in Romance | 17.03.2018 ...