Life Goes On

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'Lilly's POV'

Everyone had to wake up early in order to be at the funeral to help with preparations.

Everyone is dressed in dark, black clothing. The guys and boys are all in black tuxedos with their tie or bow being their Elemental colour. Misako, Nya, Gwen and I are all in dresses.

Cole is in the back room helping pick out what my father will wear for his funeral. He said that he has a surprise for me, so I'm not allowed to help.

Misako and Nya are helping me decorate the Funeral Hall. The actual burying will be later this evening.

My father's body is placed in the coffin just before the funeral is about to begin. I take a quick glance at him, and have to do a double take. He's wearing his regular tux... But his bow... That's one of the bow ties that I tuned pink!

"I thought you'd be surprised." Cole smiles from beside me

"Where did you find this..?" I bite my lip to keep myself from crying

"Dad didn't throw them all out, he kept one. I found it when we were cleaning the old house out, I thought it would be a nice touch." I wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly

"Thank you. You're the best brother I could've ever gotten." I truly believe this when I tell him it

"Thanks Lilly. I'm so glad that mom was around to save you." I look up and see him smiling down at me

"Thank you, Cole."

Like I thought, the funeral is filled with tears. All of my father's friends attended. The other three men from his quartet were there as well. There is one person I spot who I'm surprised showed up.

My grandfather, my father's father. Dad's mother died giving birth to him, and because of that grandfather didn't have a good relationship with my father, meaning that Cole and I barely knew our grandfather. But dad said that he isn't a nice man, the death of dad's mother broke him.

I tap Cole's shoulder and point out our grandfather, who is inspecting dad's body. Cole immediately begins walking to him. I follow hesitantly

"Grandfather, I didn't expect you to be here..?" Cole questions

"Cole, Lilly, it's been a while..." He looks us both up and down "I wouldn't miss my own son's funeral." He states, looking directly at me

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I ask, crossing my arms

"Because, I can't believe that my own son gave his life to save an orphan that you decided to take in. He's an idiot, and you're an awful daughter for choosing an orphan over your own father." His words tear through me like a knife. I can't find any words to speak, they all get caught in my throat.

Cole speaks up, his voice calm, but I can tell by his tone that he's about to explode

"You do not have the right to say that. My father was an amazing man, he is happy up in heaven with my mother, and his sacrifice made Lilly and her family happy as well. Lilly is not an awful daughter, my father had made up his mind, and nobody could stop him. You were a horrible father to our dad. You are not, and will never be, our grandfather." The next thing Cole says surprises me

"Get out." He points to the doors of the Funeral Hall. It takes our grandfather by surprise as well

"You can't kick me out!" He raises his voice. I find anger building inside me and I am finally able to speak again

"Yes, he can, if you feel that way about us, then you have no right to get to be at our fathers funeral. Now get out."

He turns away from us, and without another word, he walks out the doors.

My father was right, he is a horrible man. To act like that at his own son's funeral. What Cole said is true; he is not, and will never be, our grandfather.

After that, Cole and I each make a speech, along with some of dad's friends, who had prepared speeches as well.

There is even more tears shed at the burying. I can't hold it in as I watch them lift his coffin into the ground. Cole hugs me to his chest, I can hear him crying as we watch.

Dad is buried in the cemetery right beside our mother's grave.

Mom and Dad may not be around anymore, but they will always be with me, in my heart.

And hey, life goes on.

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