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'Lilly's POV'

My head pounds, I don't know where I am, but it's dark. Everything is a blur as a bright light shines in the distance. The light slowly gets closer and I can make out that it's a woman. A woman with long hair and a ripped dress

"Lilly..." she calls softly. I recognize the voice right away: it's my mother

"Mom..." I begin to cry as I run to her. I hug her tightly and she pets down my long hair "is this the end? Is it all over?" I ask

"That depends, can you find the strength in your heart to continue living?" She asks me

"I-I don't know..."

"I think you do dear. Think of the little boy you promised to protect, think of your father, your brother, and, the one you love. I think you know, so, what's your answer?"

"I can find the strength, for them" I pull away and look at her, she's pale and her blonde hair has slowly gone white. Her green eyes look tired "how did you know all of this, mom?"

"I've been watching over you and your brother Lilly." She clips something, a charm, onto my necklace "Lilly, if you ever need anything, hold this close to your heart and speak to it. I will be there to listen, but in afraid I won't be able to talk back"

"It's alright mom, just knowing your there will be enough to get me through anything" she hugs me once more and whispers to me

"Fight my dear, fight for life, fight for love, and fight for family... I love you Lilly..." she lets go and begins disappearing into the darkness

"I love you mom..."

My heavy eyes slowly begin to open. I look around slowly and see that I'm in a hospital room

"She's awake, get her father" I hear someone, probably a doctor or nurse, speak. Another one touches my arm

"How did you make it through that? Any normal person would have died?" A small female nurse asks me. I look to her, my eyes not able to focus. I find myself tired again, but without thinking I say

"I fought."

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