Unable To Defend

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'Lilly's POV'

I roll onto my side and look at my alarm clock: 3:27am... I sigh...

I'll never get to sleep if I don't tell him now...

I get up and walk to Lloyd's room. I open the door and walk in. I feel kinda guilty to wake him up, but this is something he needs to know...

I shake his shoulder "Lloyd... Lloyd!..." He groans and looks tiredly to me

"What's wrong Lilly?" He sits up slowly

"Uh... well..." I look him in the eyes "Lloyd, I'm pregnant..." I tell him. His eyes go wide

"Really?" He asks, I nod "this is amazing" he hugs me. I remember what my mom told me and begin to cry. He holds me tighter

"Lloyd... They're going to kill me..." I whisper

"What? Who?" He asks and pulls away, looking into my teary eyes

"The Evils'... they're going to kill me while I'm unable to defend myself..." Tears overflow my eyes and run down my warm cheeks

"Lilly... I won't let them... I'll protect you no matter what... I promise..." he whispers the last two words. He takes my face in his hands and slowly presses his lips to mine. I put one hand on his face as one of his hands is taken off of my cheek and placed onto my stomach. I intertwine my fingers with his on my stomach.

When we pull away all of my tears are gone "why don't you stay with me tonight?" He asks

"Alright..." I lay back and so does he. His arms wrap around me from behind and I feel safe... I feel like nothing could possibly hurt me...

~In The Morning~

'Lloyd's POV'

When I wake up the sun is shining through a small opening in the centre of the closed curtains. I look to Lilly, she's still asleep.

I get up and walk to my dresser. I pull out my ninja gi. As soon as I pull my pants up I hear a knock on the door.

Before I can get there the door whips open and Jay stands in the doorframe

"Lloyd, Cole wants everyone downstairs ASAP" Jay says

"Alright" I throw my shirt on, and walk to Lilly

"Lilly..." I call her softly

"What..?" She asks quietly

"You need to get ready and meet us downstairs."

"Alright, I'll be down in a few minutes..." she begins to sit up

"Okay," I kiss her on the forehead and walk out the door, closing it behind me.

I sit on the couch in the living room beside Kai and Jay. Felix runs in and jumps onto my lap

"Good morning Felix" I smile

"Good morning Lloyd!" He exclaims

"Where's Illy?" Gwen asks

"Yeah?" Nya nods

"She's getting ready, she'll be down soon" I answer

"Alright, well, I'm sure she already knows this..." Cole begins to tell us what Lilly told me last night after we laid down. He tells us how his mother, in his dreams, told him about how the Evils' were planning on killing Lilly while she was pregnant with my child...

As he finishes, Lilly walks into the room in her cute yellow ninja gi. She's only three and a half weeks pregnant, so nobody can tell yet. When she hears the conversation the smile she had fades and her eyes drop to the ground.

"Lilly, I'm glad you could join us, but mom said she was going to tell you this, so you already know what's going to happen, right?" Cole asks

"Yeah, she told me... But..."

'Lilly's POV'

What do I do? What do I say? I panic and look to Lloyd. He stands up and walks to me, looking me straight in the eyes as he does

"S-she was to late..." I look to everyone

"Wait, do you mean you're-..." Nya stops, almost as if she's afraid to say it

"You're pregnant Lilly?" Cole asks

"Yes..." my eyes fill with tears

"Now now, don't cry Lilly. We'll figure something out..." Misako stands up "you should be happy" she walks over to Lloyd and I "because, even though this might not be the absolute best time, we are all still very happy for the two of you," she smiles

"Thank you Misako..." I try to smile

"Now, Lilly, it is not certain that they will kill you... But we do need you to kill them..." Garmadon says

"Maybe we could just hold them off until the baby is born, then you'll be able to kill them" Kai says

"That is a great idea Kai, but I feel that this is the Evil Ninjas' last plan, so they will not go easy on any of you" Sensei Wu says. As he does, the lights flicker off

"You've got that right, old man" I feel a hand on my chin, and one on my stomach

"Illy!" Felix screams. He runs and holds onto my leg

"I'll take my time killing you, when the time is right, of course" Evil Lloyd laughs evilly and let's go of me

"Lloyd, get her into the light! Now!" Sensei shouts

"Yes Sensei!" I feel Lloyd wrap an arm around my waist and pick me up bridal style. Felix screams as I hold onto him and Lloyd starts to run.

We run outside, where it is sunny and warm. Lloyd sets Felix and I on the ground

"Lilly, are you hurt?" Lloyd asks

"No, I'm alright"

Nya runs out onto the yard with Misako and the twins

"Lilly!" Nya sets the twins down and hugs me "don't worry Lilly, we're all going to protect you..." she whispers

"Thank you Nya" when we let go Misako is looking at Lloyd and I

"Lilly, Lloyd, I am sure you will both be great parents" and with that, she hugs us

"Thank you, Misako"

"Thanks, mom"

We release and Felix pulls at my pant leg "so, I am gonna have a sibling?" He asks

"Well... Yes" I say

"Yay!" He jumps up and Lloyd catches him mid-air. Felix giggles wildly.

We talk until the others walk out

"Lilly! I'm so glad you're alright!" Cole runs over and hugs me

"Cole, do you really think they'd kill her now?" Kai asks

"No, if they want devastation, then I predict that they will wait until Lilly is at lest seven months pregnant, then they will attack and try to kill her" Zane says, thinking it over

"We all must work together to protect Lilly until their child is born, then, and only then, will she be able to use her powers again" Sensei explains

"Why couldn't she use her powers while she's pregnant?" Jay asks

"That could potentially harm the child" Garmadon answers

"Alright, then for the next nine months, we have to protect Lilly from the Evils'" Kai says, everyone nods.

Once we're all back inside, Felix asks a question

"Am I gonna be the ring barer at your wedding?" He asks

"Yes, is that alright Felix?" I ask

"Yeah!" he shouts.

We talk about the wedding, my pregnancy and ways that the guys can protect me all day...

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