Nobody Could've Known...

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'Lloyd's POV'

It's been a few days... Lilly still hasn't waken up... Felix still hasn't seen her unconscious...

It's getting late and I've been sitting alone outside for the past hour. I've been watching the sun set from the roof of the monastery.

A yelling voice causes my train of thought to be thrown off of its tracks.

"Lloyd?!" I recognize the voice as Felix's and jump off the roof, landing in front of the small child

"What is it Felix?" I ask

"Why won't they let me see Illy?" He asks, and I see that he's been crying

I don't know how to answer... Because you couldn't handle it... No... Because she's sick... No, I can't lie to him... I decide to just tell him that... "she's asleep..." Well, it's not exactly a lie...

"Oh! When's she gonna wake up?" He asks

"Uh, I-I don't know"

"Well, can I pleeeeease see her?" He makes the puppy eyes at me

"Alright..." I sigh. I take his hand and lead him into the medical room, where my mother, father and Sensei Wu leaning over Lilly who is still unconscious in her medical bed.

My mother looks to me, then to Felix

"Lloyd-?" I cut her off

"See Felix, she's asleep" I look to my mother as I say asleep, telling her that he thinks she's only sleeping. She nods and waves us over

"See Felix, she's asleep" I tell him. I pick him up and he touches her hand lightly.

"Sleep well Illy" he yawns. We stay in that room for a long time that night, Felix said the sweetest things to me, and the unconscious Lilly..... But nobody could've known how bad her injuries really were...

The days begin to blur together. After a few weeks I begin to believe we might never get Lilly back... Until that night...

I hear screaming and shoot out of bed. I run to the medical room, to find Lilly awake, screaming and holding her stomach, which is bleeding furiously

"MOM! DAD! SENSEI!!!" I run to her side and scream for the others. Tears flood her eyes as she clings to my chest, covering us both in blood

"Lloyd, what- LILLY!!!!" Cole screams

"She's awake?" My parents walk in with the others

"Lil- the blood!" Nya screams

"I-It hurts..." Lilly whispers to me, she begins breathing hard

"She needs to get to the hospital, now!" Zane yells

"Lloyd, take her on your elemental dragon. We will meet you there!" Sensei yells

I nod, pick her up and begin running. I pass Felix in the hall. He screams and begins crying "ILLY!!"

I rush out the doors and make my elemental dragon appear under my feet. We fly high into the sky and are on our way.

Lilly breathes hard again and places her pale hand on my cheek "Lloyd... If I make it through this... I want to adopt Felix as our son..." She whispers. I feel tears burn at my eyes

"Of course Lilly... I would love that..."

"But" she quickly moves her hand to hold her side

"But, what?" I see her begin to cry

"But, if I don't make it... I need you to do it... I need you to sign the papers on your own..." a tear falls down her cheek

"Lilly, you'll make it though this... We will adopt him" I tell her

"Thank you. . ." I feel her body go limp in my arms.

When we get close enough I make my dragon disappear and run into the hospital

"Help me! Please!" I scream. They see Lilly and begin rushing around.

The doctors take her from me. I don't try to follow, I know they wouldn't let me.

The others arrive not long after me. We sit and wait. I hold Felix in my arms. He cries and sniffles every so often. I still have her blood on my green T-shirt. Nya had gone back to the monastery to find me something to change into, she's not back yet.

Jay holds the twins. They're asleep on his chest

"Why her..? Why not me..?" I hear Cole whisper to himself from beside me. I don't know what to tell him... It couldn't have been him, but telling him that right now would only make things worse...

Nya walks quietly into the hospital with a bag. She takes a green hoodie and grey sweatpants out of it and hands them to me.

"Thank you"

"You're welcome"

I set Felix on the chair as I stand up.

I walk into the men's bathroom and lock the door. I change quickly and stare at my reflection. My hair is messy, I have big bags under my eyes, probably from lack of sleep, and I'm shaking slightly.

I don't know how long I stand there, staring at my reflection, but when I finally blink my first instinct is to turn the tap on and splash my face with cold water.

When I walk out to the others I see Lou sitting beside Cole, both look ready to cry. I've never really noticed it before, but Cole and Lou look a lot alike, Lilly must look like her mother.

I pick Felix back up and sit back down. He hugs me and I pet his hair

"Try to get some sleep Felix" I whisper

"Alright..." he nods and closes his eyes.

It takes a long time for anyone to tell us anything. When a doctor walks to us, he looks panicky

"Alright, I'm looking for Lilly Brookstones father, Lou" He looks up from his sheet and Lou stands up. Cole slowly stands as well

"Yes, what happened to my daughter?" Lou asks. That's right, Cole told him that she'd gotten hurt, but didn't tell him how

"Well, that's what we'd like to know. But there are more important things we must discuss right now. She had a large, what we believe to be a stab wound, in the lower right side of her stomach. It has wounded some of her organs and we will need to do surgery" he tells him

"Alright," Lou nods. The doctor nods back and walks away quickly.

I look at the clock on the wall: 3:37am. We've already been here for about two hours.

I begin calculating things in my head and feel very tired all of a sudden. I let my head fall against the wall and my eyes close...

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