It's To Late...

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'Lilly's POV'

After a while, life started to feel normal again. The days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months and soon, more then a year had past. In that year a lot had happened.

Felix turned 6, the twins turned 2, and I turned 19. We also did a lot of planning for Lloyd and I's wedding, we're really excited. The wedding is planned to be in two weeks.
We've also made arrangements to adopt Felix as our son one week after our wedding.

My side has completely healed, and any cuts or bruises that I had are gone. Four months ago, the doctors said that I had made a full recovery and could resume training and fighting... But everyone is still wary about the Evil Ninja. They haven't shown their faces in the past year... And that makes me really nervous... It makes me wonder... What are they planning? What are they waiting for?

It's late at night and I lay awake in my room. Many worries run through my head...

'Cole's POV'

I stand in a dark room, wondering where I am. I take a step back when a glowing woman's figure comes toward me

"Cole" she whispers. When she's close enough I can make out the face of my mother, but she looks tired, worn out

"Mom..." I'm still confused as to what's happening. She touches my cheek with her small, frail hand

"Cole, you must listen to me. I need to tell you something that will probably scare you" she says, I recognize her voice from when I was a child

"Alright mom..."

"Cole, you might already know this, but Lilly wants another child, one to keep Felix company. But you mustn't let her have a child-" I cut her off

"Why?! Why can't Lilly have a child?! It will make all three of them happy?!" I yell without thinking

"Because, Cole, the Evils are planning to kill her while she bears his child..." She looks straight into my eyes

"H-how do you know that...?"

"Because, I have been keeping an eye on them... Cole, you must tell your team about their plans, I will be telling Lilly... But you must tell them. Please don't let her die..." mom whispers

"Don't worry mom, I won't" As I hug her everything begins to fade away...

My eyes open and I shoot up in bed. Everything that I was just told begins to run through my head like mad...

'Lilly's POV'

I stand in a pitch black room, the room that I saw while I was in the hospital. I know exactly what this means

"Mom!" I call "mom!" I turn around when I hear her voice

"Lilly, I'm right here" she opens her arms and I run to hug her

"Mom... I missed you... Can you hear me when I talk to you through my necklace?" I ask

"Yes dear, I can hear you perfectly... But I must warn you... You told me you wanted a child, do you remember that?"

"Yes, I do..." my spirits lift and I feel momentarily happy

"Sweetie, you mustn't have a child until the Evils' have been destroyed, for they will try and kill you while you are most vulnerable, while you bear his child..." her words crush me like a boulder and my eyes fill with tears "Lilly, what's wrong?" She asks

"Mom, it's to late... I'm already pregnant..." I whisper

"Wha-? Does Lloyd know?" She asks

"No... no one knows..." I begin to cry


"What am I gonna do mom...? I'm so scared..."

"Lilly, what are you scared of? You've already had Felix for over a year... Don't be afraid, just be careful... And you must tell the others this news..." I see her begin to think

"What is it mom?"

"Nothing, I just wish I could have told you this before you got pregnant..." She pets my hair.

"I love you Lilly..." as she whispers these last words the blackness around me fades away

"I love you too mom..."

My eyes open slowly and I find myself back in my room. I sit up in my bed and place a hand on my stomach

"Don't worry, I won't let them hurt you..." I whisper. I don't sleep for the rest of the night, for I'm to worried about what's to come...

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