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*Explanation of Ages and children. I know it's probably not very interesting, but you're going to be very confused if you don't read it. Just warning everyone.* 

~3 Years Later~

It's been three years since the problems with the Evil Ninja. Everyone has settled down and had kids, meaning that we had to move into a bigger house. The house is still in the woods, it's just a lot bigger than the old house. In total, the house has 13 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

Gwen and Jackson both turned 7 a few months ago. Nya turned 25, and all of the guys, minus Lloyd, turned 26.

Lloyd and Lilly turned 24. Felix turned 11, and Ari turned 4.

Cole has since gotten married to a girl named Chamille, the Elemental Master of Form. She is 25 years old. They have had a son who is now only 1 year old, his name is Link. Chamille is pregnant again, they don't know whether she's having a girl or a boy.

Zane got married to a Nindroid named Pixal. She is 24 years old and was created by Mr. Borg. They've had twin girls who are now also 1 year old. Their names are; Faith and Verity.

Kai has gotten married to a girl named Skylor, the Elemental Master of Amber. Skylor is 25 years old. They also had twins, a girl and a boy, who are 2 years old. The girls name is Naomi, and the boys name is Harrison.

Garmadon turned 58 this year, Misako turned 56, and Sensei Wu turned 57.

*End of explanation*

'Lilly's POV'

I stand in Lloyd and I's room folding laundry as the others play outside with the kids.

I feel arms wrap around my waist, making me yelp a little

"Shh, we haven't had a moment alone since Ari was born." Lloyd's breath is hot against my ear. I set the shirt I was folding down on our bed and turn to him, his arms still around my waist

"How did you get in here so quietly..?" I whisper

"Did you forget? I am a ninja." We smile together. I slowly move up to kiss his lips. He was right, we don't get a lot of time by ourselves... I never realized how much I missed having him all to myself.

He slowly pushes me back onto our bed, I run my hands through his hair and break the kiss, taking in a breath of air. He moves to place open-mouthed kisses down my neck.

He takes his time, abusing my sweet spot. He then moves closer to my face, smirking at me. I pull him in and lick his bottom lip, to which he happily opens his mouth. We fight for dominance for a while, him winning in the end.

I move my hands down, tugging at his shirt. He breaks away and I pull it over his head, smiling all the while. I trace my finger over his chest, his abs. He smirks and begins lifting up the bottom of my shirt.

The door suddenly bursts open, he jumps and we both stand up. I feel my cheeks go hot

"Daddy, will you come push me and Felix on the tire swing? Please?" Ari makes his best puppy-eyes at Lloyd

"Yeah, let's go." Lloyd kisses my cheek, grabs his shirt, and walks out of the room with Ari

"I'm not going to ask what was going on in here." Felix says as he walks out of the room with them.

I giggle and finish folding the laundry, then going to join the others outside.

I sit on the grass with Nya, Chamille, Misako, Garmadon and Sensei. Lloyd and Cole got Felix, Ari, Gwen and Jackson to shove onto the tire swing and are spinning and pushing them around. Kai and Skylor are pushing Naomi and Harrison on the two regular swings beside the tire swing.

Zane and Pixal are trying to teach Faith and Verity how to walk, they can already talk very well.

The one person I don't see is Jay. As I'm thinking this, Chamille gasps and stands up as quickly as a six-month-pregnant woman can.

"Jay, get down from there!" She screams, waddling over to the front of the three-story house. I follow her gaze and see Jay standing on the edge of the roof, holding Link like Rafiki holding Simba in the beginning of The Lion King.

Everyone, including kids, hurry over to the front of the house.

"Jay, what are you doing?!" Link giggles at the sound of his father's voice. Jay smiles and, just as if he was waiting for that question to be asked, calls out, just like Rafiki.

"Yeah, go Uncle Jay!" Felix exclaims

The kids burst out in laughter, I can't keep myself from laughing a bit too, it seems that the others can't either. Even Cole and Chamille laugh a little.

After his little performance, Jay carefully makes his way off of the roof. Chamille takes Link from him and Link giggles like a mad man

"Jay, that was funny, but I'd prefer if you didn't do it to my son again." Chamille smiles. Jay looks to Faith and Verity

"No, uncle Jay." Verity giggles, along with Faith, who hasn't stopped giggling.

It's been a long road to happiness, but we've finally arrived. Though I lost things that were dear to me, I have also received gifts that are more important to me than my own life, and I love them with all my heart.

In the end, I'm more than happy that it was my destiny to become The New Ninja.

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