Recovering from the fire

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When I wake up Nya is putting another cold cloth in my forehead "how do you feel?" Misako asks "uh, I feel ok except for my ankle hurts" I tell her "I herd that you saved that little girl, Destiny" Sensei tells me "ya I did everything I could but I wish I could have done more" I say as Lloyd comes over and sits beside the couch on his knees "Lilly are you kidding? you saved her life, she would have died if it wasn't for you" he tells me and I smile.

"Well we have been looking for places that sell all of the teas we need and we found a place that we will be flying there" sensei says as the guys start to wake up "ok when will we be there?" I ask "by tomorrow" he says "and we signed you up for Ninjago Talent it's the day after you will be fully recovered, the guys won two years ago and Lilly your father is going to be there. so will you do it?" Misako asks. The guys and I exchange looks "ya! what is everyone playing and what song are we playing?" I ask "well you Lilly will be singing with Kai, Cole is on drums, Zane is on the keyboard, Jay on electric guitar and Lloyd is on the bace guitar and you will be playing weekend whip" Misako answers "ok cool" I say sitting up.

The next few days are full of practising for Ninjago Talent. Sensei stops into the tea shop and buys the tea we need, he brews it, and me and all of the guys down ours in one gulp and instantly all of our injuries are healed "so what is the bands name?" I ask curiously "Spin Harmony" Jay answers.

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