They're Happy

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'Lilly's POV'

Weeks pass.

My nights are dreamless and quiet, until the first night of the second week of Felix's stay at the hospital after his heart transplant.

My eyes open slowly, unable to adjust to the dark surroundings at first. When my sight adjusts, I can see a male's figure and a woman's figure walking towards me. Once they get close enough, I can tell they're holding hands. Soon they're right in front of me, and I can tell that these are the spirits of my parents

"Mom... Dad..."

"Lilly, my sweet Lilly. I've done this, not only do you could be happy, but so your mother and I could be happy also. Thank you. I will send all of my best wishes to Felix." My father speaks

"You've sent your father back to me, we will be happy. We will see you and Cole again, Lilly. We love you." My mother's hand touches my cheek

"I love you too. Goodbye, for now." I hug them tightly. When I let go, they start to fade away, into the darkness.

I wake up with tears of happiness falling down my cheeks. I sit up and smile, wiping my tears away

"They're happy..." I whisper to myself, only making myself cry harder. Lloyd shifts and stirs and then sits up, his gaze landing on me

"Lilly, what's wrong?" Lloyd asks, moving to hold me in his arms

"Lloyd, my parents are happy... They're together again..." I snuggle my head into his chest

"I'm glad they're doing well." I can hear the soft smile in his voice. I yawn and he lays back, pulling me with him.

"Goodnight Lloyd."

"Goodnight Lilly."

~Time Skip of Four Weeks~

Today is the day that Felix gets released from the hospital. The doctors said that he'd healed at an amazing rate with no complications.

Lloyd and I walk into the hospital, ready to bring Felix home.

Tears fill my eyes as I see him walk slowly down the long white hall. His face lights up at the sight of us. They told us that he will be unable to run for a while and he has to come back for weekly check ups until he has fully healed

"Mom, dad!" He picks up his pace a little, making the tall, female doctor walking behind him smile

"Felix." I kneel down and hold my arms out, he hugs me tightly. Lloyd ruffles his hair when I pick him up in my arms.

The doctor looks to Felix. "Felix, please be very careful." Then to Lloyd and I "we will need to see him back here next week to check up on his incision."

Lloyd and I thank her as we walk out of the hospital.

I set Felix on the soft grass of the monastery

"Welcome back." Lloyd smiles happily

"Felix!!" The twins scream in unison, running out and hugging Felix

"Be careful you two." Nya walks out, holding a camera. The others close behind. The twins pull away

"Felix..! Felix!!..." Ari, still being quite small, pushes through the crowd and runs to hug Felix. Tears run down his face

"I'm so glad that you're back... I missed you so bad..." Felix pats his crying brother's back

"I missed you too Ari, but it's alright, I'm here now." Felix's voice seems to soothe Ari, he stops crying

"It's good to have you back Felix." Sensei smiles at the small boy

"Thank you. It's good to be back, Sensei" Felix answers with a smile of his own.

We still have planning to do for my father's funeral. It's scheduled to be in one week. We wanted to wait until Felix was out of the hospital to have the funeral, so that's the date that we choose.

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