Finally At Peace

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'Lilly's POV'

As I continue to cry the others' bodies lift off of the ground, being held by the same light that I was emitting just seconds ago.

"What's happening..?" I ask through my tears. I suddenly remember the first time we ever battled the Evils'. It appears that I can use my powers to heal people, but only if they aren't dead, and only after a big battle like the one that just took place.

Each of them slowly opens his or her eyes.

"Lilly, you're alive!" Nya stands and races to hug me. As do the rest

"You saved us!" Jay exclaims

"They..." Lloyd can't finish his sentence, he stares at Felix's body

"I'm so sorry..." Misako hangs her head, I see a tear run down her cheek

"I could have saved him..." I whisper, letting my tears fall into his body

"Lilly, you did everything you could." Cole pats my back. Just then, I get an idea

I hold onto my necklace "mother, what can I do? There has to be something I can do..."

For the first time ever, I see her, and she speaks back. She's holding the hand of a smaller spirit... Felix's spirit.

The others gasp or stare in awe at my mother. Cole smiles.

"Lilly, there is something I never told you about that charm I gave you." She looks me in the eyes

"What is it mom?" I ask, touching the charm that hangs beside the yellow gemstone

"Lilly, that charm can be used to revive one person, but only one."

"H-how do you know that?" I ask

"Because, I used mine to revive you." I gasp "do you remember when I visited you at the hospital?" I nod "well, if you had have told me that you couldn't find the strength to live, I would've let you come with me. But you wanted to continue living, so I used my charm to revive you." I stand up and get closer to them. The others stand up and crowd around Felix's body

"Felix, can you find the strength to continue living?" I ask

"Yes, I want to come back to you mommy." He answers

"Lilly, hand me your charm, please." My mother holds her hand out. I unclip the charm and hand it to her. She gives it to him and he walks over to his body.

He lays down and his body and spirit merge. His chest heals instantly as he holds that charm in his hand, but he still doesn't wake up

"He will be in a coma for a while, like you were. I suggest taking him to the doctor after this." She looks to Lloyd

"Lloyd, come here." He obeys and comes to stand beside me "thank you, for standing by Lilly. She is lucky to have someone like you by her side."

"I'm lucky to have her." He smiles at me

"Thank you all, for taking care of my children." She bows to all of the ninja, Nya, Sensei Wu, Misako and Garmadon

"They are great children, you should be very proud." Sensei smiles at her as she stands straight again

"Lilly, Cole, I'm afraid that this is the last time we will be able to see each other while you are living. Since Lilly has used her charm, the magic is gone, so I will have to return to my place in the sky." She holds her arms open for a hug.

Cole and I both collapse into her arms and wrap ours around her small figure. We let go and she begins to fade

"Goodbye, I love you both."

"Goodbye, mom."


I smile, she's finally at peace.

I carry Felix's unconscious body as we make our way back to the monastery. We will go to get the other children from my father in the morning.

"Alright, I'm taking him to the hospital." I climb into the Ultra Sonic Raider

"Wait! I'm coming with you!" Nya runs to the vehicle and climbs into the other side. I smile and hand Felix to her to hold.

When we get there, the doctors' take him away and confirm that he's in a coma. They don't know how long he'll be in a coma for, but they said that they'll contact us if he wakes up while we aren't there.

Nya and I drive back to the monastery and eat dinner with the guys. After dinner we all go to sleep.

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